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Dealing With Depression: Solve It Before It Consumes You

Dealing With Depression: Solve It Before It Consumes You


Dealing With Depression: Solve It Before It Consumes You

by Kristaria Gubler

Though many people don't realize this, most people suffer from some degree of depression. Whether it is brought about by the death of a loved one, unresolved stress, child birth or some other form of emotional distress, being depressed doesn't mean that there's something mentally wrong with you- it simply means that you are suffering through something that you can't handle on your own.

Dealing with depression isn't always a complicated matter; every person is different and each person reacts in their own way. When it comes to losing a loved one, the individual's ability to cope and how the death of their loved one occurred can play a part in how depressed one can get. For example, if a person loses a parent that has been suffering from terminal illness for a long time, the consequent sadness may me intermingled with a bit of relief. As such, the person feels gloomy for a little while, but comes out of it in a short amount of time on their own, once the negative feelings have been resolved and the grieving process complete.

Other times, dealing with depression isn't as simple. Some situations can severely affect a person to a point that they require professional help to resolve the emotional fallout. Post-partum depression is an example. After giving birth to a baby, some women find themselves feeling an overwhelming sadness that just won't go away. Known as post-partum depression, this melancholy can invade all aspects of the mother's life, causing adverse effects in her marriage, friendships and relationship with her child(ren). Unlike the loss of a loved one, where we personally understand where the emotional upset came from, a woman with post-partum depression has no idea why she feels the way she does.

Sometimes the reason for the negative feelings seems so small that a person feels silly seeking help, or it seems so big that one feels resolution is hopeless. Other times, the reason for the emotional upheaval is unknown- which makes dealing with depression even harder. Again, we are all individuals equipped with our own abilities, strengths and weaknesses- so no matter our perception of our situation, the reality is that it can be overcome.

The good news is that no matter why a person feels the way they do, there's no need to continue suffering. Because the forces causing a person to be depressed can vary from one end of the spectrum to the other, there isn't a one size fits all course of treatment. Between medications, support groups and professional counseling, there are methods available that were designed to help with every issue- big or small.

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