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Dance Instruction and Taking Young Dance Students Seriously

Dance Instruction and Taking Young Dance Students Seriously


Dance Instruction and Taking Young Dance Students Seriously

by Sarah Wilkiamson

Finding a school that will take young children seriously can sometimes be difficult. For many schools, it's more about the money than considering the talent they have on board. In fact, the wrong school, wrong curriculum or wrong teacher can discourage and ruin your child's ambition to dance forever. They soon quit, never turning back again.

Emotions can be very complex with children and it's very easy for them to start to dislike things. If there teachers take them seriously and not just treat them like a number, they will learn dance faster and love it for what it is; A form of art.

When lessons are not created around the needs of younger pupils they rapidly get out of their depth. This results in frustration and disappointment. This can also be a reason for your child to give up on the dance lessons. Once they give up this is a lost opportunity that may never come again.

Lesson structuring: Good schools will be aware of their students and will structure the lessons to fit young children's needs. The lessons will be appropriate for young students so they do not get overwhelmed and frustrated. In fact it takes quite a bit of effort and determination from the school to structure lessons that are just right for children. This means that the school will very likely be equally attentive to any student that they enroll.

So how will this help your child?

Simple to learn lessons will make the learning process so much easier so that each individual can learn at their own speed that is appropriate for their own age group.

The children will enjoy learning: With the right mix of fun and discipline, pupils find it easy to relax and learn. New skills can sometimes be intimidating and so children need an environment that is conducive to learning.

Easy to remember: This type of structuring makes it easy to remember. This allows the child to be able to achieve skills that they might otherwise not have been able to handle.

Your child will learn faster learn ways to retain information not just pertaining to dance. The curriculum is designed to bring the best out of them rather than just treating them like a number.

Your child's needs should be the most important thing to consider when you select a dance school. Sometimes all it takes is the right questions from a caring parent to uncover the schools that take their pupils seriously. A love of dance is something many children grow up with and giving them the opportunity to fully transfer what they are feeling inside into motion and music is a wonderful, lasting gift. Appreciation of the arts can start very young, but if it is discouraged it may never return.

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