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Creating Targeted Email Marketing Lists One Step at a Time

Creating Targeted Email Marketing Lists One Step at a Time


Creating Targeted Email Marketing Lists One Step at a Time

by Johnny Lewison

Did you know that a targeted email list is probably one of the most useful tools in Internet Marketing businesses? It's one of the best tools because you have instant correspondence with a very specific list of potential clientele. When your targeted prospects are treated properly, they will want your product or service and you will earn revenue.

Now, I'll show you some pointers and the necessary procedures to create your very own list of prospective online buyers.

1. Find your place. Finding your place is obviously the best way to start. There are several ways you can find your place, but that isn't the topic here. If you still find yourself at a total loss for finding your place, try this idea out... head over to EzineArticles.com! This site contains tons of topics, so if you bide your time and look around a bit there should be no problem finding something that catches your attention.

2. Know your new audience. I can't stress how vital this part is. You've identified your forte, and now you need to know who will be buying what you're selling. Suppose your forte is "Household Security". Identifying that SAFETY is number one is essential to claim victory with this target audience. This audience is concerned with keeping their loved ones safe from harm.

However, they also do not want to break the bank when it comes to purchasing a safety system that is both top-notch and dependable. This audience prefers a website that contains various assessments of systems and some customer satisfaction comments. Your assessment chart could show a couple rival systems comparing the user-friendliness, dependability, and cost of the systems, to name a few things.

Compose a small report. The people that sign up for your email list can receive your free report. Pointer: It has been shown that people will sign up more often if given a free report. You have to be sure that your report is thorough at answering specific questions, though. For instance, you can compose a report with the title "What You Should Know Before Investing In A Home Security System" or "Home Security System Buyers Guide".

Compose a Squeeze Page. A squeeze page is the same as a sales page, but you won't have a "GET IT NOW" button, you'll instead have a place where people can sign up for your free report via email.

Make your Squeeze Page known. We've completed two vital steps with the free report and the Squeeze Page to grab names and email addresses, all that's left to do is bring as many people as you can to the site itself.

And that's all there is to it! A short guide and some helpful hints to create your own targeted email marketing list.

I trust my little expose here has helped you.

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