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Creating A Personal Space For Your Child

Creating A Personal Space For Your Child


Creating A Personal Space For Your Child

by Shirley Henderson

Children love to take part in decorating and designing their own room Children need their own space and they need to be able to express their likes as well as achievements. Parents today are allowing their child to freely express themselves through style and design.

You can personalize your child's room by monogramming their pillows. You can frame their art work to display their accomplishments proudly. Have your child write his or her own name on the furniture including chairs, dressers, closet doors, and desks. This will also be something that you won't ever forget. You can allow your child to have a say so on the purchase of a ceiling fan, lamps, and more.

Decorate your child's walls by framing art work, a world map, or photos of your child's accomplishments; swimming, playing ball, school play, and more. You can also personalize their room with trophies, ribbons, medals, and more.

Your child can also pick a color for their room. The most popular colors for girls right now are pink and purple or white. For boys, the most popular colors are brown and greens. You can color coordinate the bedding and curtains to match the color your child chose. If your child's bed has space underneath you can use that for their toy storage.

You want to always add a rug to your child's bedroom. This will be comfortable for your child if they are lounging on the floor or walking barefoot. You can get the area rugs in all different colors and textures so you can find the one that matches your child the most. If you want to save money and purchase everything they want for their room try looking on Ebay. You can save so much money on Ebay compared to department stores with just a few things to choose from.

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