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Cost Of Lap Band Surgery Can Be Prohibitive

Cost Of Lap Band Surgery Can Be Prohibitive


Cost Of Lap Band Surgery Can Be Prohibitive

by Sara Guppy

If you are researching ways to lose weight as a last resort, this method may be exactly what you were looking for, but only if you can afford the surgery. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of lap band surgery, but if you don't meet certain requirements, you might need to find ways to pay for it out of pocket.

Insurance plans are increasingly more willing to pay for the costs associated with the surgery which can range anywhere between $15,000 on the low end, to well over $30,000 in the US. Most doctors will be able to help arrange financing as well. Larger medical centers in big cities will of course cost more, but it could well be worth the trip if necessary.

For anyone who will need to pay the entire cost on his own, overseas doctors offer lower prices in the under $6,000 range, but having this type of surgery out of the country is never recommended if you must return home quickly. No doctor would ever recommend air travel after this type of surgery. Once home, you will still need to find a doctor to handle your frequent follow up visits and monitor your progress.

There are requirements to be met in order for your insurance carrier to even consider any payments. You need to be considered morbidly overweight - you must have a medical condition that is exacerbated by your weight. And, your BMI needs to be close to 40. Without these conditions being met, you'll need to pay for the surgery on your own, if you can find a doctor willing to perform it.

The surgery itself is pretty standard. The surgeon performs a basic laparoscopy, making small incisions he will use to insert a small camera and other instruments necessary to find and place the band in the appropriate spt at the neck of the stomach opening. In certain cases, however, the laparoscopy is either impossible to perform or too difficult to complete, so the surgeon is forced to use more invasive procedure needing a larger incision.

Your recovery time will vary depending on the actual procedure, but do plan at least a week at home even with the laparoscopy.

About the Author:
Cost of lap band surgery is a type of weight loss surgery; it is a rather simple and safe surgical procedure. This surgery dates back several decades and is one of the safest and quickest forms of this sort of surgery. More info on this as well as Medical Tourism .

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