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Coping with Acne in Social Environments

Coping with Acne in Social Environments


Coping with Acne in Social Environments

by Harriet Stohn

Social situations can resemble a nightmare to anyone who deals with a constant onslaught of acne breakouts. Sure, you want to engage in the conversations around you, but you fear that people will notice your acne and be turned off by it. Psychology tells us that we overestimate the extent to which people judge our every behavior and aspect. We are self-centered beings after all. You may be thinking that everyone in a room knows about your problem, when not even fractions of the people notice the disorder. To overcome the anxiety which you might feel while attending a social function, you need adopt some simple strategies. You can't let acne get the best of you.

When we feel uncomfortable, there is this tendency to isolate ourselves. This is the worst thing you can do in a social environment, particularly when you suffer from pimples. You make yourself a target of odd stares and comments. Adults tend to restrain such behavior, but kids and teenagers will quickly identify easy targets and proceed to critique them. It is best to detract attention from yourself by joining in on the activities, which may constitute engaging in a conversation with a nearby person or group. An interesting conversation is sure to distract people from noticing your lesions.

Your attitude has a lot to do with how accepting people are of your condition. Upbeat and friendly people with even the most severe forms of acne are able to make friends easily and attend social functions without fear of having that sensitive subject brought up. People see past your negatives when you give them something else in return.

If you are a negative person, and you conversations are riddled with negativity, you can surely expect others to notice your acne problem. If you expose them to some negative side of you right off the bat, they are bound to uncover even more negatives. Don't predispose yourself to this! Think and talk positively!

Sometimes we are around family as we attend a wedding or anniversary celebration. Family members, while usually loving and supportive of everything we do, can be negligent in outing your skin disorder to the world. If you know you will be in the presence of family members or close friends, ask them kindly to refrain from brining up the acne subject. If they are offended that you would even assume they would do such a thing, just let them know you wanted to avoid any surprises. In any case, they will eventually understand that your request was not exorbitant yet took a huge load off your back.

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