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Consider a Cruise for Your Next Corporate Meeting

Consider a Cruise for Your Next Corporate Meeting


Consider a Cruise for Your Next Corporate Meeting

by Leslie Perez

There is a mistaken belief among various segments of the corporate meeting and incentive travel industry that cruises are an lavishly expensive alternative for corporate meetings and incentive travel. Instead, deciding to organize your next incentive event onboard a cruise ship can be amazingly low cost and can effect in considerable cost savings when compared to incentive event destinations that are land-based.

According to a recent report published in Corporate Meetings & Incentives magazine, 34 percent of their readers had used a cruise for an incentive program and an astounding 72 percent said they planned to - a clear indication of where the industry is moving.

This is especially true when incentive travel and meeting planners take advantage of inviting packages offered when planning meetings with many attendees. The cost benefits can be even more if the majority of the attendees live nearby a port or cruise terminal, avoiding the need for air travel.

The thought of participating in a corporate meeting at sea event is furthermore much more inspiring and attractive to meeting participants, which results in them in fact looking forward to the outing, somewhat dreading yet another meeting where they use up hours locked in a boring meeting room in Omaha or Kansas City.

Onboard cruise ship activities and entertainment are an tremendous way to relax after a long day of meetings, and offer a lot of options for days off. Stopping in exciting ports of call also adds appeal to shipboard corporate incentive travel, and permits meeting participants to spend time enjoying attractions, dining, entertainment and shopping off the ship as well.

Plan your next incentive event on a cruise ship and you will find that attendees will be happier, more motivated and more productive as they enjoy the opportunity to both work and have fun onboard.

About the Author:
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