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Conducting Public Marriage License Records Online

Conducting Public Marriage License Records Online


Conducting Public Marriage License Records Online

by Charles Burton

The work on preserving Public Marriage Records is vital. They have served a good purpose both on the public and private front. Some of the more common areas in which they have been put to use include the provision of data to people regarding their family history, the need of such official information as people are processing for a divorce and background checks on people's marital history especially at the juncture where a partner contemplates advancing the relationship.

It was not easy to get hold of such documents back in the old days because they were pretty much handled manually. People had to go to the local government office and search through piles of folders for them and they were mostly professional investigators or government officials. With the advancement of technology, online marriage records have become a norm and any lay-member of the public can easily access them over the internet.

Marriage records are public information. Along with the other 3 categories, namely divorce, birth and death, they form the principal vital records in most state departments tasked with this public service. The FOIA (Freedom of Information Act, 1966) stipulates the right of any individual to freely retrieve and view this information so long as procedures are followed.

You can obtain a great deal of information about people through a marriage records search. It typically includes the personal particulars of the couple, their parents and witnesses plus the name of the officiant of the marriage ceremony. The main documents that will be produced are the license and certificate. They will be needed for any legal matter that pertains to the event.

Per standard practice, there will be three copies of the marriage license. The couple, officiant and the local government office tasked with the function will each have a copy. Nowadays, this information is generally available online but usually only their certified hardcopies are recognized for any official purpose. There may be some variations on the requirement among the states as public records are governed by state laws.

How to find Marriage Records Search is easy nowadays. You can search at the government agency that's designated with the function or you can purchase them from commercial providers. The former is of course more economical but if the purpose behind your search is of a serious or official nature, you'd be well-advised to turn to the latter. They are generally online, instant and multi-state.

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