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Commercial Air Travel Vs. Private Charter Jets

Commercial Air Travel Vs. Private Charter Jets


Commercial Air Travel Vs. Private Charter Jets

by Daniel Pott

Although, many people consider taking a private jet charter, especially immediately following commercial airline travel, many people are hesitant to make the change, but for those who have their experiences tell all. Most people have noted the following areas as those that they felt held the most significant changes for them over a commercial airline flight.

1. TIME- Saving time is saving money and most travelers agree that flying a private charter jet allowed them more time to take care of important tasks such as phone calls, work time and business meetings that would be cut out during a normal commercial flight. They also found that the time savings of not having to go through commercial airports saved them time not only in the airports, but also being able to fly to smaller airports closer to their destination allowed them to reduce their travel time once they arrived at their destination as well.

2. SERVICE - Travelers across the board felt that there was a significant difference in the level of service that they received when flying with a private charter company. Not only in the fact that all their needs were met in the air and on the ground, but overall there was a friendlier, more helpful attitude from all employees. From those who answered the phone and made their flight arrangements to those who were on board with them, everyone seemed to be more than willing to accommodate them.

3. CONVENIENCE AND EASE- One of the best parts of traveling on a chartered jet is that you do not need to schedule your flight months in advance. When you are working with a private charter company you can arrange your plans, only hours before you are wanting to depart. Not only that but you are traveling with a chartered jet company, you make up the schedule therefore you do not need to work your life around the flight schedule, as you would have to if you were traveling with a commercial airline.

There have been many that have made the switch from a commercial flight to a private jet charter. These individuals have never enjoyed traveling so much. Next time you are looking to fly the friendly skies, you should do some research into chartering a private jet.

About the Author:
Chartering a private jet, is less expensive that you may think. For literature on a private jet charter log onto www.privatejetscharter.net

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