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Clone Golf Clubs Can Shave Strokes Off Your Handicap

Clone Golf Clubs Can Shave Strokes Off Your Handicap


Clone Golf Clubs Can Shave Strokes Off Your Handicap

by Mark Walters

There used to be a saying in golf you cant buy a better game meaning getting good at golf took effort and countless hours of practice. Modern club design though really does allow you to buy a lower handicap.

For the average club, modern golf clubs are built to fix specific faults. From the head design, to the shaft specifications to the size and material of the grip. All the parts of a golf club can be finely tuned to correct specific ball flight problems and produce a more consistent and repeatable strike.

Watch a hundred golfers swinging and you'll most likely see 100 different swings. We all swing our own way and the only club that will work for us is a club designed around OUR swings. that's where Clone Golf Clubs start to shine.

These aren't some cheapo knock-offs of Titleist or Taylormade. These aren't clubs that hide behind a similar sounding name or copy the paint schemes off an OEM. These are high quality golf clubs in their own right and include all the game improvement features of modern club design.

Square drivers or cavity backed irons aren't copyrighted designs. These designs find their way into modern golf clubs by all the main manufacturers, including the main manufacturers of clone golf clubs.

Some of the big club manufacturers go so far as to suggest that clone golf clubs use low quality raw materials. With the grade of Titanium used in drivers now selling for approximately $3 a kilo, why would anybody cut corners on that? A kilo of Titanium makes 5 driver heads. Why use anything but the best quality Titanium?

Some would also insist that the tolerances of the assembled clone golf clubs just isn't up to scratch. Well again, here's a quick news flash. Cast clubs come from moulds and the casting process costs the same from high or low quality moulds.

Mr. Woods uses top of the range golf clubs. No argument there. They're not stock clubs though. These are clubs built to his exact specifications. The lie angles of the clubs, the shaft flex, the length. All the elements of his clubs are fine tuned to his own swing.

There's only one way to consistent golf and that's by playing clubs that work with you. Match your clubs to your build, your swing speed and your ball flight and you've got a set of playable clubs. High price tags pretty much irrelevant. A set of custom clone golf clubs can improve your game far more than a set of expensive off-the-rack clubs.

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