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Clayton College Reviews

Clayton College Reviews


Clayton College Reviews

by Daniel Lee

After spending the last 3 years evaluating the Natural Healing College and multiple other degree online programs and here are my opinions. In this distant education review, I'm going to speak about three online colleges that offer holistic courses and what you should be looking for in a naturopathic college. The accredited online colleges are:

Clayton College of Natural Health

Global College of Natural Medicine or GCNM

The Natural Healing College

Clayton College " is a Naturopathic College and offer a range of Aromatherapy Courses, but from my understanding they require you to mail in your tests, which can be quite time consuming because you will have to wait for them to mail your tests results back....Their Degrees In Holistic Nutrition are also quite expensive... Onc e you graduate youre on your own. They also do not help you get employment and have ZEO naturopathy internship program

Global College of Holistic Medicine " Theyre not an accreditation mill because they do offer a very small range of holistic courses, but, they too require you to mail in your tests, which can be painful and quite time consuming because you will have to wait for them to mail. your tests results back....Their Herbal courses are also shockingly expensive... They will NOT help you get a job after graduation and have do not have an internship program

Natural Healing College -They offer a large range of holistic courses, but they DO NOT require you to mail in your tests, your tests results are Instant which means you can complete your online degree fast..

Another Great thing about the Natural Healing College is that their Masters Degree program is a Fraction the price of the other schools such as Clayton College of health medicine ...We should also mention that, their School Of Naturopathy is probably the best on the planet and they will also help with Internships and getting you a job.

Once you graduate from the Natural Healing College they will help you get into an awesome Internship program and will help you land a job or open your own practice or Career In Nutrition And Holistic health.

In my humble opinion and hundreds of hours of researchYour best choice for an Online Holistic School is the Natural Healing College. Not the Clayton College and State University. Maybe someday they will get up to speed with technology.

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