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Christmas Cash - 7 Easy Steps to Make Money For Christmas

Christmas Cash - 7 Easy Steps to Make Money For Christmas


Christmas Cash - 7 Easy Steps to Make Money For Christmas

by Mark J Thompson

A week before Thanksgiving last year I realized that I had a major expense due early in the New Year and if I was going to pay that I wasn't going to have any much needed Christmas cash. I had to come up with a plan. A few hours of thinking and writing down ideas on a sheet of paper I had my plan.

8 weeks later I had earned over $20,000 in commissions and sold almost $250,000 dollars worth of physical products. My cash crisis was over. Not only that I had a blog that continued to earn me money throughout the year.

Here are 7 tips that will help you to earn money this Christmas. Although you'll find that by picking the right products you'll have a steady income throughout the year. So let's get started.

1. Choose only one or two products and concentrate on them, learn as much about them as possible.

2. Use article marketing to promote the products, it's cheaper and more effective that Pay Per Click

3. Create a blog, you can use a generic name but ensure that individual posts use the product name in full

4. Don't use generic names, rather than use "Tissot Watches" use product names "Tissot T Touch Titanium"

5. Use big name retailers, people trust them so use Amazon or even eBay

6. Set up Squidoo Lenses and Hubpages. The more sites you can get into the top 10 of Google the more money you'll make. I had 7 of the top ten spots in Google at one point last year.

7. Plan ahead, if the retailer sells out of stock you'll need an alternative source of income so make the links easy to change. If this happens eBay or AdSense can earn you a lot of money. I made more commission from eBay than the retailer because after shop stock was gone people were selling at 3 times the retail price on eBay.

It really isn't too late to make cash for Christmas, only yesterday I set up a new blog selling an in demand product. Check sources like amazons best sellers list or eBay pulse for products that are in demand. Also watch TV and magazines what is being advertised? There are thousands of products so you don't have to focus on the ones that everyone else is, Remember there are over 10 million pages for the Wii Fit! So choose your product wisely.

There are several ways that you can set up a website to make money for Christmas this year. My preferred method is Wordpress as it ranks well in the search engines and it's easy to set up and to tweak.

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