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Choosing Moving Supplies: Hints For A Hassle-free Move

Choosing Moving Supplies: Hints For A Hassle-free Move


Choosing Moving Supplies: Hints For A Hassle-free Move

by Monica Alberts

No one likes to move. If you have ever moved from larger to small quarters, you probably were extra stressed. Planning ahead and using the right moving supplies can help facilitate the efforts associated with your next move. It is important to prepare for your move with a detailed list including supplies, equipment and time schedules in order to avoid excessive stress on one or both ends of the move.

Filling Boxes and Crates

One of the first activities that people associate with a move is obtaining lots of packing boxes. While a do-it-yourself process can be less costly, it also requires somewhat more planning and preparation in order for the move to go smoothly. Boxes for packing small and not so small items should be ones that are clean and dry. A variety of sizes will help you to avoid breakage due to shifting within the container. All boxes should have lids or tops that can be securely sealed. If you purchase boxes, you can select uniform sizes, but will have to provide more packing material inside the container.

Furniture Blankets and Pads

Another way to avoid shifting and rubbing of boxes and furniture during the move is the use of furniture blankets and furniture pads. It is better to use items that are specifically designed to prevent wear and scratching of the items during the move, rather than simply covering items with household blankets, pillows and rugs.

Dust Covers

The importance of preventing dust and dirt on valuable possessions cannot be overstated. Dust has erosive qualities that can damage delicate finishes. Dust covers or sealed cartons help to prevent dust and dirt. If you must store items, dust covers will reduce the amount of cleaning and dusting that will be necessary at your destination.

Deciding What to Move

Part of the preparation for moving should be to discard unwanted, unused or unneeded items prior to the move. Get rid of these items rather than moving them with related time, resources and effort involved in the move.

Moving Equipment to Help Avoid Back Strain

Professional movers know how to use the proper equipment to make the moving job easier. If you are relying on friends or relatives to help you with a move, you should make certain that you have the proper equipment available to do the job with the least amount of physical effort. For instance, use a hand truck to move heavy boxes and a properly outfitted appliance dolly to move a washing machine, refrigerator or heavy television set. Ramps and tie-downs for the move are another type of equipment that should be available.

The Importance of Labels

In order to make your unpacking process more efficient, you should make certain that all boxes and cartons are labeled so that they are easily read. The boxes should be sealed and the label should list the contents of the box, where it is to be placed at the destination and whether it is a high priority item.

Moving supplies are an important part of preparing for and completing an efficient move. Include marking pens, cartons, hand tools, padding and packing materials and other items in the planning. By preparing for your move and stockpiling these supplies, you may find that your move is much less stressful.

About the Author:
As an expert, Monica Alberts offers a wealth of information on discount moving boxes. She makes sure to regularly update her website about moving supplies where you can get helpful answers to the rest of your questions.

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