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Children's Projects Go Smoother with Boxes in Chicago

Children's Projects Go Smoother with Boxes in Chicago


Children's Projects Go Smoother with Boxes in Chicago

by Melinda Stockton

Have you ever watched very young children or pets on Christmas morning? No matter how enticing their new toys may be, it often seems that they end up having more fun with the cardboard box in which the gifts came! Who needs fancy playthings when all you need is your imagination and some boxes, in Chicago?

In fact, what the general public refers to as "cardboard boxes" is called by much more specific names within the container industry. The term "cardboard" is a generic description for containers that could be made of such materials as corrugated fiberboard, paperboard or even plain paper. Each of these varieties is consider a type of cardboard that's put together by box-making machines.

Children can use small boxes as building blocks, treasure chests and even make toys such as airplanes out of them. Cardboard boxes are excellent starting points for school projects, play sets for kittens and puppies, and even larger playhouses for children.

However, we really have Tony the Tiger's inventors, the Kellogg brothers, for the ultimate ubiquity of cardboard boxes in commercial use. When the Kelloggs invented their flaked cereals, they needed a way to distribute them easily. Packaging them in boxes simply seemed like a natural idea, sending them from Battle Creek, Michigan in cardboard boxes in Chicago to anywhere in the country.

As the popularity of Kellogg's Cornflakes increased, so did the use of paper boxes for foodstuffs and other materials. It wasn't long before corrugated cardboard boxes replaced wooden crates for shipping purposes.

The French, however, have a different story of the invention of the cardboard box. The French town of Valras houses La Muse du Cartonnage et de l'Imprimerie (The Museum of the Cardboard Box). This institution traces the development of boxes, along with the skills needed to make them, to its surrounding region in France. The museum based its claim on the documented fact that cardboard boxes were used to transport the silk moth known as the Bombyx mori and its eggs to Europe from Japan from 1840 onward. This is nearly half a century earlier than Robert Gair's ruler-inspired invention.

That brings us back to the imaginative youngsters on Christmas morning. Supplied with cardboard boxes, youngsters can create any kind of fantasy locale imaginable. With one cardboard box a child can fly to distant planets, sail the seven seas, gallop to the rescue of dragon-haunted towns or even curl up for a quiet nap.

All of this simply goes to show that no matter what it may have contained originally, a good cardboard box is always ready for a new use.

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