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Checking The Temp Of Spring Bulbs

Checking The Temp Of Spring Bulbs


Checking The Temp Of Spring Bulbs

by Logan Pacelli

This year when you make up your seed order, why not decide to test a single group of plants thoroughly? For instance, you could grow all the zinnias your dealer offers. Then you would really learn about this splendid group of annuals. Or if you don't like zinnias, use China aster, petunia or marigold. You'll be amazed at the tremendous differences there are within a single genus.

Planning for a vegetable garden - Take another look at the vegetable pages of the seed catalogs. For some reason each year fewer and fewer food gardens are being planted. As a result, lists of vegetable varieties suitable for home use are shrinking. The true gourmet knows that only home grown vegetables have high flavor. Do your part to save American appreciation of good food by planting some of the special varieties that are best right outside the kitchen door.

Forcing spring bulbs - Check the temperature in the basement or coldframe where tulips, hyacinths and other potted bulbs are being forced. A cool 50 to 55 is best. If the temperature is too high move the pots to a cooler spot, such as along the edges of the frame or the walls of the basement.

Bringing forsythia Indoors - Towards the end of the month branches of the forsythia and other shrubs can be cut and brought indoors for forcing. These materials will be a little more difficult to force now than in February or March. Set the branches in warm water (about 85) immediately after they are cut; try to keep the water at that temperature for 24 hours.

Improving your garden's design - December is a good time to study the design of your garden, when its lines arc not hidden by foliage and flowers. Decide now how to change the beds, paths and other features; then this work can be done as soon as conditions are favor

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