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Celebrities Love Hale Bob Clothing

Celebrities Love Hale Bob Clothing


Celebrities Love Hale Bob Clothing

by Hannah Charleston

If you want to look like a star, take a cue from Hollywood's A-list and go with some fashionable pieces from the fabulously chic Hale Bob company. This relatively new clothing company has quickly become one of the most popular, largely due to their original designs and cutting-edge style. Celebrities including Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Penelope Cruz, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Love Hewitt have all been seen wearing Hale Bob designs.

The History of Hale Bob

It was in the year 2000 that Daniel Bohbot, a native Moroccan who spent 20 years in the fashion industry, first visited Los Angeles. He was awestruck by the Hollywood lifestyle and sightings of famous celebrities. But the style of the clothing is what really caught his eye. Glamour and sex appeal, bohemian flair and lots of hand-beading, were the mainstays of Los Angeles women at the time. Their originality and creativity in putting together an outfit was the impetus for an idea to start his own women's clothing line.

After Bohbot flew back to Paris, he consulted with his brother Marc, the famed founder of Bisou Bisou. Together, the brothers opened Hale Bob in 2001. It was their aim to provide California style to women all over the world. It wasn't long before they decided that Paris was not the place they wanted to stay. The Bohbots moved their operation back to where it all started: Los Angeles.

Because he so loved the fashion of the Hollywood stars, Bohbot named his company for stars; in this case those in the sky like the Halle Bop comet. His designs would make the average woman look like a star. The first garments he offered were sexy blouses that paired easily with a jeans and perfect for the club scene. From there, the rest of his line took off.

About Hale Bob Clothing

What really distinguishes Hale Bob pieces from other designers is their chic, sexy styles combined with East Indian patterns, rich colors, and ethnic details such as beads and borders. From tops to dresses, shoes to boots, an item from this collection is meant to stand out from the crowd. Bohbot uses fabrics that feel good, like cushy soft velvet and fine silk. In fact, the majority of his pieces use some form of silk, from chiffon to Charmeuse.

You have to love to stand out from the crowd in order to wear Hale Bob designs. They are specifically designed for a woman who is sexy, confident, and sophisticated; a woman who desires the attention of everyone who looks her way. These very feminine garments are the perfect choice for clubbing or attending a big party.

Any woman who wants to look as a good as a Hollywood star should have no problem finding some must-have pieces from Hale Bob's latest collection. Look fabulous and feel like a celebrity in this feminine, romantic clothing.

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