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Cayenne Pepper Diet Side Effect

Cayenne Pepper Diet Side Effect


Cayenne Pepper Diet Side Effects

by Susan Wells

Cayenne Pepper Diet Pros and Cons

The Cayenne Pepper Diet is a thorough cleanse that can deliver detoxification and health benefits. It's been used for over 60 years by tens of thousands of people to renew their bodies to a natural health balance. However you will need strong desire to be successful for the whole 10 days. You have a challenge ahead.

The most difficult aspect is certainly the fact that you will not be eating food during the cleanse. In addition, there are other side effects which will influence your continuing motivation and desire to cleanse you body. Let's go over these.

Hunger and Food Craving

Yes, you will experience hunger. During the first few days you will feel this most intensely as you experience fasting. If you've never fasted before, consider reading about people's experience so you know what to expect. Lots of people try to deal with this by chewing gum. Unfortunately, this doesn't really work. I can recommend drinking more water to help with the cravings. If you can afford it, consider buying Hoodia. This natural supplement has good anecdotal testimonial evidence that it can help with hunger.


While your body is detoxing, its common to get headaches as you withdraw from sugar and toxin addiction. Some people feel like a flu is coming on. Also consider that if you drink tea or coffee in the morning, you will be giving up the caffeine you have become addicted to. Headaches will result. Rest assured that these will subside.

Mouth Soreness

Drinking lemonade can result in mouth sourness at first. This is very common. Lemon is quite acidic and will irritate your mouth and tongue during the first few days. This will pass and can be helped along by drinking pure fresh water.

Skin Irritation

When the body is detoxing, you may experience skin irritation as these toxins are purged through the skin. You may or not experience these symptoms. This all depends upon how full of toxins your body is.

Note: Don't let these dissuade you! These are positive signs that you are on the path to wellness. Temporary discomfort is the price to pay for better health after doing the Cayenne Pepper Diet. Realize that the most important thing is that simple awareness of the common side effects is enough to help you deal with it.

About the Author:
About The Author: Susan Wells is an avid Master Cleanser and self proclaimed health devotee. Her blog at Cayenne Pepper Diet offers simple and effective tips for successfully completing the Master Cleanse. Susan reveals the Master Cleanser recipe and the #1 Mistake ALL cleansers make! Get the skinny and visit Cayenne Pepper Diet Blog.

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