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Catch an Affair - Learn How a Plumber Can Teach You the One Thing You're Doing Wrong

Catch an Affair - Learn How a Plumber Can Teach You the One Thing You're Doing Wrong


Catch an Affair - Learn How a Plumber Can Teach You the One Thing You're Doing Wrong

by Jack R. McLaddel

Did you know that there's one thing in particular that you're doing to catch an affair that's making it incredibly difficult? But don't you worry, I know exactly how to fix it.

WARNING: I don't mean too...but when I tell you this, I may come off as...mean? Offensive? I don't mean too, and it is NOT intended that way, but I might. So if you're the type to get offended, please, do yourself a favor and maybe stop reading.

Otherwise, keep reading to learn what you should be doing to catch an affair.

First though, I want to let you know something. I've been exactly where you're standing now. I know the pain that you're in. Why? Because I've been there. I've had to deal with my partner's infidelity, and it is NOT fun, I know.

I just want you to know that you can trust me. Ok? Ok. Now, I want you to do something for me, it's pretty easy, but it's really important to me that you do this.

I want you to pretend that you're a plumber. And you have to fix a sink (hint: the sink is your partner's affair).

So far so good? This probably seems dumb, but keep with me for a bit longer, I think you'll see where I'm going with this.

Now, you being a plumber, and having this sink to fix, you have two tools that you can choose to use. The first one is a nice solid wrench.

The second option is an 8" flour tortilla.

Now, which tool do you think is going to be more effective to fix the sink?

What's that? The well-built wrench you say? Oh my goodness...


Ok, seriously. How does this apply to you and catching an affair? Well, let me explain this. The sink is a metaphor for your spouse/partner's affair. The choice between a wrench and a tortilla is like choosing between using your logic (the wrench) or your emotion (the tortilla) to handle the situation.

So when you've got this sink to fix, you want to use a wrench, right? Just like when you want to know how to catch an affair, you need to use your logic and your smarts. NOT your emotion.

If you use your emotion, it's possible you could figure out some way to hook your tortilla to that sink, fix the problem temporarily, but in the end you haven't fixed the problem. Just like right now, you can choose to go nuts-o-bananas over this affair, and that'd be pretty easy.

But just like with the tortilla, that sink is gonna start leaking again. You really aren't any further ahead than you were before.

But what about the wrench? What if you choose to use your wrench? Well I can tell you, if you're cold about this...if you're emotionless, and you use your intelligence...I PROMISE you'll have much less difficulty catching an affair. You need to understand: You're spouse is GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES. Your job is to be smart enough to notice them.

Does that all make sense? I talk about this a lot because I think this is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing that people don't do.

Now, honestly, looking back are you choosing to use the tortilla instead of the wrench?

Well, I know that when I was in your shoes, I was using my tortilla left and right until I learned not to. So what can you do to start learning to use that trusty wrench?

About the Author:
Well one thing you can do to learn to catch an affair is visit this site: Catch An Affair: How To Catch An Affair 100% of the Timer.

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