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Cat Food And It's Dangerous Ingredients

Cat Food And It's Dangerous Ingredients


Cat Food And It's Dangerous Ingredients

by Virginina Sutherland

As all cat lovers, we want go feed our feline bosses a healthy, species appropriate diet. But...finding a good food for your kitty may take a bit of detective work. Discounting advertising slogans such as "Wholesome" and "Recommended by veterinarians" along with the deceptive, yet legal, labels that allow "meat" to be the number 1 ingredient even though it is far down the list.

Many ingredients found in pet food have nu business being there. Not only do they have no value whatsoever to the animal, but can be downright detrimental. Their only reason for being in the food is that they are cheap and increases the profit for the company and it's share holders.

The multibillion pet food companies spend both time and effort making people believe that grains are healthy and wholesome in order to sell their food. The truth is that grains are implicated with a long range of chronic, painful and expensive health problems.

One of the worst ingredients in pet food is corn. It irritates the bowel, it is highly allergy producing and it has a high glycemic index.

Every time your cat eats food containing corn, there will be a spike in blood sugar levels. Cats do not metabolize foods the same way we do, and do not have the enzymes and hormones necessary to keep their blood sugar levels within normal range after consuming carbs. Cats are designed to get their energy from protein, not carbohydrates.

In the wild cats consume approximately 3-5% of their diet as carbohydrates. Commercial kibble containing corn contains from 30-60% carbohydrates.

After eating a meal of kibble your cat's blood sugar level will spike because the body is not equipped to handle all those carbs.

The elevation in blood sugar is taxing for vital organs such as kidneys and liver.It taxes and exhausts the endocrine system. After time, the pancreas is unable to keep up and feline diabetes is a not uncommon end result.

Corn is also implicated in feline obesity. Cats do not register full from carbohydrates like we do. They register full from eating protein. In order to get their protein needs satisfied, the cat has to eat more food, thus becoming obese after ingesting foods rich in corn.

Finding a grain free food for your pet should be on the top of your list. Today there are grain free canned foods and even grain free kibble.

A grain free food for your dog or cat will make a real improvement in their health.

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