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Cash Flow Funnel - How To Successfully Create And Sell Your Own eBook

Cash Flow Funnel - How To Successfully Create And Sell Your Own eBook


Cash Flow Funnel - How To Successfully Create And Sell Your Own eBook

by Jamie Earlsmith

Today, starting online business could never been easier. If you don't have you own product, you might want to start with simple models like Google Adsense or Amazon Associates. These models, however, won't make you millions. For long term success, you need to create and sell your own product.

There are lots of reasons to this. For one thing, you can make thousands of affiliates work and sending traffic to your website. Unlike affiliate marketing where you need to share the profit with product owner, becoming a merchant also means you can keep 100% profit.

The following steps is the summary of product creation methods. If you want to learn all steps involved, I strongly recommend that you check out a course known as Cash Flow Funnel.

1. Research for hot selling products for particular topic. If you are going to sell eBooks, look for hot selling topics at Amazon. You can browse books, categories and see what's currently hot selling there.

2. Browse Clickbank and look for gravity score. Gravity represents total unique affiliates are making sales with the product in the past eight weeks. If the gravity score is 20 or higher, it is a good indication that the product is hot selling. You should avoid topics with gravity higher than 100. That means the market is saturated with competitors and it would be hard for you to get traffic. Therefore, it would be best to avoid niche with gravity higher than 100.

3. Create the product. One thing to focus on product creation is the quality. It would be better if you could publish video eBooks rather than ordinary pdf files. If you can't write in one topic, you can always outsource to freelancers.

4. Don't forget to create eBook cover and sales letter. Again, if you don't know how to create a professional cover, you can seek for other's help. There are lots of freelancers out there who's going to create the cover for you.

5. Sign up for Clickbank account. You can use other payment processor, but for maximum traffic and exposure, it would be best to start with Clickbank. Clickbank is an affiliate network. Therefore, once your product is included there, you can expect to have thousands of affiliate promoting it.

6. Promote your own website with free or paid marketing. If you are using Clickbank probably some, if not all traffic will come from from fellow affiliate partners. However, it doesn't mean that you can just sit back and relax. If you get up and promote your own product, you will be making even more money. Even better, you can keep 100% profit.

You can gain traffic from other resources, but the fastest, free way to gain search engine traffic is through article marketing. While other methods like SEO requires you to have a blog and hundreds, if not thousands of backlinks. Research for profitable keywords using Google Keyword Tool. Then submit to article directories and web 2.0 sites like Ezine Articles, Squidoo and Hubpages to gain traffic.

About the Author:
Do you want to become a successful eBook entrepreneur? Cash Flow Funnel is a solid course to guide you.

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