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Car Insurance - The Safest Option To Have On Today's Busy And Stressful Roads

Car Insurance - The Safest Option To Have On Today's Busy And Stressful Roads


Car Insurance - The Safest Option To Have On Today's Busy And Stressful Roads

by Graham McKenzie

So you are ready to buy your first car. You have spent hours going from one auto showroom to the next, and your fingers are burning to wrap themselves around the steering wheel. Without wanting to burst your bubble, you need to think about car insurance as well.

In many countries it is compulsory to have some sort of insurance cover when we are on the roads. This offers us protection against reckless drivers and also gives us the cover we need if we make an accident. Because of this, insurance carriers can offer us various policies to comfortably drive our vehicles and know that no matter what happens, we are covered.

You see thieves work in syndicates and they have preferences as to which cars they steal. To find out what cars are hot, get in touch with your nearest Crime Bureau and ask them to provide you with a list. Your insurance provider will also know which cars get stolen more often.

Because carriers know the risks involved, and they are aware which cars are the most likely to be stolen, they will adjust their premiums according to that information. Urban areas are the most likely for auto theft and if you live in a high risk zone, then you are at risk.

Car thieves have become sophisticated and will only steal cars that are specific to that town. Some provinces will prefer bigger cars and others will prefer stealing the small runabouts.

So lets look at what insurance is on offer. Firstly, the most common today is called the Third Party Insurance. This essentially covers everyone who was hurt in a collision except you. They will lodge a claim against your insurance provider and then the case is heard in court, after which a settlement figure will be given to the victims.

As it does provide good cover, you would like to have your own insurance as well. Added to the above policy you can also ask for the Third Party, Fire and Theft package. Now you can relax in knowing that should your baby be stolen, you will have cover to replace her or buy a similar car. Any damage by fire will also automatically be covered.

If you want however to have your car covered by flood damage, riots, loss of personal belongings, accidental damage and all of the above as well, then consider a Comprehensive Insurance policy. It will give you peace of mind as you drive your work on art on the roads.

Another factor which influences your premium, will be the make and model of your car as well as your residential area. If you live in a high risk area, where theft and vandalism is rife, then expect to pay extra on your premium. The same goes for an area which is low risk, your car insurance premium would then be much less.

About the Author:
Having ones own car is an exhilarating experience. But, before you run off to the car salesman, think about where you're going to get car insurance and what it all means including car insurance rates .

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