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Can You Learn Spanish With Learn Spanish MP3 ?

Can You Learn Spanish With Learn Spanish MP3 ?


Can You Learn Spanish With Learn Spanish MP3 ?

by Adrian Fletcher

There are quite a few self study language programs on offer at the moment. Some seem to be reasonable in price whilst others tend to look expensive. However they should really be judged on how easy they made it to learn to speak Spanish. Can you learn to speak Spanish using an MP3 or CD audio course ? This article will detail the benefits of using an audio language course to learn Spanish and some things that are not so good.

To begin, I think if you only have an audio course then you are learning the language the way you learned your native language. Babies and children learn their mother tongue by listening and repeating what their mother (and other people) say to them. This is usually the method adopted with a Spanish MP3 or CD. Words and sentences are spoken and you listen and repeat. Although it is not exactly the same as learning as a child (as you may have your native language on the course too) it is an approximation of this and can be useful.

This is at odds with more common language learning methods that teach reading, writing and grammar at the same time as listening and speaking skills. This can often overwhelm the average student and they will get bored with learning the new language because they feel they are not making any progress.

A second benefit of an audio MP3 or CD is that it will teach you how to pronounce words and sentences correctly. This is vital, more so than grammar, when you are first learning because you will be able to speak with people and be understood. Speaking to people is key to consolidating your skills and having the confidence to take you abilities to a fluent level.

And finally, a learn Spanish CD or MP3 is very easy to use. Provided you have a CD or MP3 player you could pretty much study Spanish anywhere. The most obvious place is the car. Many people spend hours of each day commuting to and from work. Wasted time which can be put to good use learning Spanish.

To some extent this is true. However, in my experience you can't devote your full attention to more than one thing, especially when it comes to a new language. Michel Thomas has many audio only courses and he advises (in the introduction to the courses) that you don't do anything else but listen to the audio. I tend to agree with him, especially on the first few listens.

If you have listened to the audios half a dozen times then it gets easier to multi task but initially I would say it is a no no.

So can you learn to speak Spanish with a CD or MP3 course ? I think they are really useful in teaching you the language. They will not make you fluent but they will give you some skills that can help you get to that kind of level. They break the learning process down into more sizable chunks. They concentrate on getting 2 core skills right rather than hitting you with five areas of learning. They also give you some confidence to speak to native Spanish speaking people. To me this is where the real learning comes from and having this confidence is essential.

About the Author:
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