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Can Energy Efficient Heaters Really Save You Money

Can Energy Efficient Heaters Really Save You Money


Can Energy Efficient Heaters Really Save You Money

by Peter Drew

Green living is a totally a new way of life and has introduced many advancements to the society. Such introductions have made much impact on our daily living. There are a number of advantages of such technologies in diverse fronts including preserving world and reducing utility bills.

Energy efficient space heaters have been noted as the best energy saving alternative for the conventional space heaters. These energy efficient space heaters save money for the consumers in the long run while adding to the green environment. According to statistics, about thousand dollars is spent each year by an regular American for heating and cooling. Using energy efficient space heaters, this bill can be further reduced.

If you lower the thermostat by a few points (about 5 degrees) and use energy efficient space heaters in the room that you use oftentimes, you will reduce your heater bill by 10% and avoid emitting about 350kg of CO2 to the environment. In addition, energy efficient space heaters will warm your spaces for a fraction of a cost of a central heating system. But you got to keep one thing in your mind; not all the energy efficient space heaters will get you this advantage. When you chose the heaters, you should consider many parameters such as the volume of the space, lighting, and number of people living in the house. If you select energy efficient space heaters without seeing such points, you may end up over employing the heaters and finding a higher bill while damaging the environment more.

Automatic temperature characteristic is one of the key features that should be available in energy efficient space heaters. If this feature is not present, you will have to manually set the temperature every now and then in order to maintain the perfect heat level. Hence, it is a smart thought to keep out any heater without automatic temperature control.

Humidity is a significant factor when it comes to heating spaces. When your space is less humid, you may expect higher temperature to experience the same heat than to a space with higher level of humidity.

Among the types of energy efficient space heaters, electric space haters are the most popular and low-priced type. Additionally, there are more good characteristics of electric heaters such as mobility, where it allows you to use the heater anywhere in your house. Electric energy efficient space heaters are noted to heat the spaces systematically and quietly. These types of energy efficient space heaters have the automatic temperature control characteristic where the unit is turned off when the desired temperature is met.

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