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Can An Aerator Solve Your Lawn Problems?

Can An Aerator Solve Your Lawn Problems?


Can An Aerator Solve Your Lawn Problems?

by Riche Goldmann

What is an aerator? If you are wondering what an aerator is, you are not alone. In fact, there are probably more people who do not know what it is than the number of people who do. Basically, an aerator is a tool that you use to keep your lawn healthy. You use it to turn the soil and create holes in the top portion of soil. This will allow the soil (your lawn) to get the water and air to the grass and plant roots therefore keeping them healthy.

What does the lawn aerator do? The aerator has many jobs and you can kind of think of it as a multi-tasked tool. Some of the aerators functions are: 1. Turns soil over and creates holes in it 2. Breaks up thatch (dead grass tissue between the healthy green vegetation and the surface of the soil) 3. Allows oxygen to reach grass and plant roots 4. Allows for more water absorption in soil 5. Loosens soil and creates more space for roots to grow

Common Lawn and Acre Care Issues Over the life span of your lawn, it will experience numerous harmful activities. For instance, if you have children or host parties, you will probably have lots of people walking around on your lawn. In addition, if you have a car, you have probably driven your car on your lawn several times either on accident or on purpose. Either way, all of these activities put pressure on your lawn, making it difficult for anything to grow in a healthy way. The pressure that these activities put on your lawn makes the soil more compact. Soil that is compact doesn't allow water, air, or earthworms to easily reach the roots of grass or plants. All of these are plant fertilizers that help keep plants healthy. This is where an aerator can be of help in getting your lawn back healthy.

The Best Way To Use Your Aerator It is important to use your aerator at the right time. You should never use your aerator on grass that is too wet or too dry. The ground should be damp for best results. Because of this, most people choose to use their aerators in the spring or in the fall. Also, use your aerator on a regular basis.

It is also a great time to use your aerator before planting new seeds, like grass, flowers, and other plants. If you do this, you will increase the amount of water, air, and the number of earthworms that reach the roots of your newly planted crops. Earthworms are extremely important to the success of any plant, as they act as a natural fertilizer.

If you use your aerator on a regular basis and use it properly, you will have a rich, lustrous lawn, garden or any type of landscaping.

About the Author:
Riche Goldmann is a professional landscaper who uses an aerator to help keep the lawns of his clients healthy. He buy his aerators and other lawn and garden products from Tractor Supply. He recommends that his clients use Tractor Supply Company to order products for all of their lawn and garden needs.

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