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Can A Chiropractor Repress My Lumbar Pain?

Can A Chiropractor Repress My Lumbar Pain?


Can A Chiropractor Repress My Lumbar Pain?

by Randy Goodson

Once you have injured your body, particularly your back, it may take you a very long time to get back into shape. The treatments for back pain vary from pain pills to rest to stretching, but there is one more arrow in the quiver that most people do not realize works as well, if not better than any of these treatments for some recipients.

Using rapid adjustments in your joints, chiropractors reposition your bones to align you body for more efficient functionality. It doesn't involve damaging a joint or bone, but it can be a bit frightening and uncomfortable to some people. Afterward, there can be some minor pain or discomfort but that does decrease rapidly in most cases. Once that first round of soreness goes away, your body will be in better alignment.

In order to gain the most benefit, a regular adjustment schedule is important. Most people will want to visit the chiropractor at least once a week to get maximum benefit out of their adjustments. You chiropractor can get you into proper alignment, which may take several visits per month or may be taken care of with just a few visits, and that alignment can be maintained with regularly scheduled visits.

I do not mean to paint the picture that the chiropractor will just attack you as soon as you walk through the door either. When you are being adjusted, you will probably be lying on your back or side with the doctor twisting your body to align your spine. Every time you get adjusted, you will be moved again to allow for another adjustment somewhere else.

Many people are adjusted and adjusted before they finally start to respond, then their pain dissipates and they experience more mobility again. Any additional adjustments will be applied to each joint in succession to re-align you as needed to be. You session will probably conclude with some machine facilitated massage and relaxation before you next visit is scheduled.

Most Chiropractic patients experience short term pain reduction or elimination and more range of motion in the effected joint. Over time a complete elimination of back pain and an increase in range of motion and joint mobility should be expected.

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