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Calories In Beer, Time To Start Counting

Calories In Beer, Time To Start Counting


Calories In Beer, Time To Start Counting

by Mark Alfredo

The habit of consuming beer on a regular basis in the belief that it is good for health has been in practice for the past many centuries. This drinking habit has not taken into account, the calories in beer. The high-tech mega organizations of present days, in trying to promote human relations, organize social gatherings and outings for relaxation, where drinking a glass of beer has become a fashion.

If you view the calories in alcoholic drinks, you will note that one mug of beer (12 oz) contains 150 calories, a glass of wine (8 oz) contains 120 calories and one shot of liquor (3 oz) contains 100 calories, but all three contain the same amount of alcohol. Nowadays, in the belief that the calories in beer do not harm the body, it is the most common of alcohol drinks served at these weekend parties organized for fun and relaxation.

People do not realize that the drinking of alcohol as a fashion today destroys their health in later days. Since they assume that beer contains low calories they consume beer beyond normal limits. It could be seen that at these social gatherings and weekend parties, some take one mug of beer and some others 3 to 4 mugs, which means that 450 to 600 calories are consumed.

Calculating the calories in a mug of bear, it has been observed that a person taking just one beer after a meal everyday consumes 1050 calories in week. This adds 7 kg to body weight in one year increasing the waistline and stomach flab. When people take light beer they are unable to restrict themselves and consume more than they should, which causes more calories to be accumulated in their stomach area of their body ultimately making the person pot bellied.

Women are no exception to drinking beer. A woman when she drinks tends to consume about 2 and 12 beers on an average. A woman's drinking pattern varies with woman drinking daily consuming 2 to 3 beers and women who drink only at weekends consuming a more than 12 beers. This puts the women in danger of becoming addicted drinkers of alcohol.

The calories in beer are termed to be empty calories. The alcohol gets burned quickly even before the fat and carbohydrates and as such get accumulated in your body and the most common area is the stomach area. Persons consuming beer on a regular basis, after a few months, will start noticing a marked bulge appearing in their stomach area finally leading to pot belly.

It has been noted in studies made that you cannot recollect even what you had eaten with your friends at the party, because you had consumed more beer than the advisable limit. The excess alcohol would have dulled your senses and made you eat more of the chips and margaritas, more than you normally eat adding to the calories.

While every person wants to enjoy cocktails with friends at an outing, or a glass of wine after dinner, or a glass of beer with snacks to munch watching a game of football, which is all good enjoyment with relaxation, one should never forget that the calories in beer and the alcohol will be adding to your weight. It is so with other alcoholic drinks. A person could have a glass of fruit juice or some other healthy beverage that will not harm your health.

When consumed in excess the calories in beer will bring ill health. Consumed within limits could bring enjoyment and relaxation.

About the Author:
Mark, who wrote this article on "Calories in Beer", has his own blog filled with lot of useful articles about calories and fat loss.. You can check his work by visiting his blog "Everything Calories".

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