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Buy A Cheap Acoustic Guitar - What You Need To Get Started

Buy A Cheap Acoustic Guitar - What You Need To Get Started


Buy A Cheap Acoustic Guitar - What You Need To Get Started

by Nico Davenport

The material from which it is crafted is usually a main factor in the pricing of a guitar. Some guitars are manufactured using graphite or plastic in place of the traditional wood, but even in a cheap acoustic guitar wood makes it possible to achieve the tone you really want to produce. Cheap acoustic guitars made from materials other than wood often sound flat and lifeless, and new players are likely to find them frustrating. It is better to pay slightly more for an inexpensive wooden guitar than to buy a plastic one.

The Seagull S6 model isnt the most cheap acoustic guitar there is but it offers extraordinary bang for the buck. You cant talk about guitars for beginners without discussing this model. It comes with a top that is solid cedar and the sides and back are crafted from mahogany that gives it an attractive sound. Its the sort of guitar that professional musicians hang onto, even though they own far more expensive guitars. Although $400-$500 might be more than you considered spending, you should really think about investing in this guitar. You might be able to find some online deals for this familiar and highly regarded musical instrument.

A solid, dependable choice for a cheap acoustic guitar is the Yamaha F310. It features a top of solid spruce along with a back and sides made from mahogany. The price might fit better for your budget, coming in at $150-$200 and it is a universal choice for the serious novice.

If you are looking for something in the next lower price range for cheap acoustic guitars, the Epiphone DR-100 is a great guitar that retails between $120-150. The sides and back are mahogany, and the top is made from spruce. It's made for the beginner, so there will come a time when you'll need to trade up. This is the perfect choice if you know you want to learn the guitar, but aren't quite sure in how long your interest will last.

If you are looking for a cheap acoustic guitar for under $100 there is really nothing worth recommending. A lot of them really cant be played. Cheaply made guitars are why many younger students abandon learning how to play guitar. They are poorly constructed. If you are thinking of purchasing a cheap acoustic guitar, remember you get what your pay for so stay away from these cheaper models and avoid losing the thrill of a well-made guitar.

If you can't pony up for a better quality acoustic guitar, try to buy one second hand instead. If you buy a used guitar, it will have already developed a full and rich tone that you will not find in a brand new one. Many stores have a special section for used cheap acoustic guitars and you can play each one until you find the one that suits your needs.

If you are going to buy a cheap accoustic guitar, choose one with a solid wood top as opposed to a plywood top. You will be rewarded with a much richer, fuller tone. Look for solid wood sides and back as well, it will be worth spending a little more.

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