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Build Your Own Wakeboard Tower

Build Your Own Wakeboard Tower


Build Your Own Wakeboard Tower

by David Hagerman

If you are trying to build your own wakeboard tower so that it is built according to your preferences, then you need the mandatory data. You may always take the assistance of a tower to fit a tower to your ship, but you can simply learn the skills of building a wakeboard tower.

You need to learn the basics first. The only way to start as an amateur is to have the look of the tower before beginning the construction. You will also get a ready made design downloaded from a relevant site. However, before you must determine the size of your wakeboard as the tower is always built according to the size, design and the purpose, you want to satisfy.

The few things that need to be kept are 6463 or 6063 aluminum pipe, divided according to the necessary angles. The basic things you need to keep also include a wielding machine and an airbrush. Start the process by taking a 2" square pipe so that it permits you to round it over the corners with assistance from a router. Using hydraulic roller, roll the tubes after cutting them to cited angles. You must keep the joints flexible and after cutting the pipes, you want to the specs before wielding it finally. You can opt for TIG wielding as it provides powerful, neat and clean welding. However, it is always recommended to get a pull test done to test the power of the tower. Don't get worried if it takes a small longer for you as it might be a touch hard to perform the work with ease unless you are an expert. Attempt and look that it does not suffer any scratches or dents during construction as that would make it less attractive.

Though it isn't not the best job but if you understand the work methodically, it will not be a tough job to build your own wakeboard towers. You need to appear robust and classy as well. In fact, if you can learn the way to make the tower then you can proudly show it to your friends too. Moreover, if you have a plan to connect wakeboard speakers then you need to make a tower, which may be used to glue speakers later. Always try to avoid cheap construction material, as your wakeboard tower will be responsible for carrying such critical equipments.

There are some concerns per the attachment of the tower too. If you build your own wakeboard tower and attach it completely to the wakeboard boat then there's no problem but if there are issues in the fitting or construction of the tower, it may result to serious injuries. You may also get the tower fitted or at least checked by executives. Thus , you may build your own wakeboard tower but you should always keep in mind that a a faulty wakeboard tower might be the reason of a disaster by causing damage to not only your boat but to your wakeboard too.

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