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Budget Hotels In Kuala Lumpur As Well As What They Can Give!

Budget Hotels In Kuala Lumpur As Well As What They Can Give!


Budget Hotels In Kuala Lumpur As Well As What They Can Give!

by Adam Woodham

When traveling for an unanticipated business trip, on a short term holiday together with the family, or merely on a tight budget, one typically chooses booking into a low cost place or a budget hotel. Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, boasts of one of the world most cost-effective five star hotels. Budget hotels also are in abundance there and low cost however comfortable accommodation isn't too hard to find. Clubbed along with a budget hotels, Kuala Lumpur becomes a hot spot for visitors.

From Hotel Fortuna, Garden City Hotel, Mayview Glory Hotel, Hotel Sahara, Hotel Chinatown Inn, Swiss Inn to D'Oriental Hotel, Hotel Capitol, Puteri Park Hotel, Citrus Hotel as well as Heritage Station Hotel; the list is never ending. All of these places fall into the category of budget hotels. The areas around Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Chinatown Petaling Street are particularly flooded with cheap budget hotels. Most of these hotels in Kuala Lumpur have easy access to main visitor and cultural sites, market places, major industrial areas, commercial hubs, government agencies and more importantly taxis and Light Rail Train Stations, that make them very convenient for tourists and visitors.

Budget hotels are the well-known norm in places like KL as they ensure easy connectivity to well-known market places and the city centre, without being too harsh on the pocket! Most of these cheap accomodations offer comfy value-for-money rooms, accompanied by low cost but good eating places, or at least in close proximity to the same. In most of those budget hotels, IDD telephone service, Satellite TV, Safe Deposit Box, Internet access, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, cold and hot shower, 24-hour CCTV Security System, laundry services and a pick-up and drop off service from and to the airport, are provided.

Besides, hotels, there also are cheap hostels. Hotel Cosmopolitan, Serai Inn and Hostel, Travelers Home and Backpacker, Travelers Inn are but a few available choices. These hostels, but, are only for international tourists and Malaysians are not permitted to stay in these places. A number of them do not allow Muslims to stay in either. Cheap hotels or hostels, all serve the necessity of comfortable stay.

The only factor that might go against these budget hotels or cheap hotels is that by virtue of being located in or around busy streets and market places, they generally tend to be a bit noisy and lack complete privacy and calm. But, some people may like specifically this about the city- able to see and experience the hustle-bustle of the streets through the four corners of one room!

These budget hotels might be excellent for an overnight stay or a two-three day long trip, but would possibly not be preferred for a longer stay. They are mainly for people and visitors who are on the run or into sight-seeing and discovering the town and not for those who like to spend a lot of time in the comfort of their hotel rooms. Low cost hotels in Kuala Lumpur have been extremely well-liked with kids too.

About the Author:
Most of those budget hotels and hostels are listed on numerous websites on the web, making them easy to access and locate, review and compare for potential as well as past customers and visitors.

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