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BT Raises Phone Call Prices Again

BT Raises Phone Call Prices Again


BT Raises Phone Call Prices Again

by Jon Hunter

BT customers will not be glad to know that, BT phone call rates are rising again. BT Call rates will increase in price from 1 October this year, This is the 2nd second price rise from BT within in a year.

New rates in October will see BT charging 5.25p per minute for daytime calls, increased from 4.5p per minute and a 9.05p set up call charge, the cost of connecting a call, which has increased from 8p. This gives an average price rise of 15%.

This is the second price rise from BT this year on top of another rise in prices earlier this year, their daytime call prices will have seen a staggering 34% rise in costs by the end of the year. This increase comes on the back of the ending of discount schemes such as Friends and Family and Light User recently. So is BT still competitive with their phone call rates?

BT claims that this price increase can be avoided by users transferring to its unlimited talk packages and avoiding all price increases and probably saving themselves money in the long run.

Steve Weller of uSwitch.com, comments 'At the moment the Post Office is offering a plan that is nearly 17% cheaper than BT for day time calls and 13% cheaper for call set up fees and includes evening and weekend without a 12 month contract. Similarly TalkTalk is offering calls at 4.5p per minute so there is choice out there.'

The rise in price comes on the back of BT loosing money in the 12 months to March 2009, and planning to shed a further 10% of its workforce this year. However it is unknown whether these changes will bring BT back into profit or just reduce there market share in the domestic market.

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