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Boeing Fails To Stir Up Business At The Paris Air Show

Boeing Fails To Stir Up Business At The Paris Air Show


Boeing Fails To Stir Up Business At The Paris Air Show

by Jennifer McClelland

With the Air France calamity still awfully unsullied in everybody?s thoughts, above all individuals in Paris (where numerous of the victims were from), the Paris Air Show wasn?t the same spectacle it usually is. With it being the 100th anniversary of the show, it seems that the disaster of Air France Flight 447 is still weighing heavily on airlines.

At the opening day of the Air Show, Boeing didn?t obtain one lone purchase and its main competition Airbus was only capable to obtain just one sell from Qatar Airways for 27 airplanes.

The purchase from Airbus for the 24 A320 single aisle airplanes is worth $1.9 billion, well that?s the list cost anyway. Typically airlines, particularly given the global economic condition, are able to haggle down the price to a much more sensible level.

The big champ of the day was being Canada?s Bombardier airliner. The Canadian aircraft maker announced that it had 35 offers for its CRJ100 airplanes accessible by Air Nostrum, the agreement is worth $1.75 billion. Bombardier are normally smaller planes and don?t travel the immense distances that Airbus and Boeing airplanes do.

Boeing has been having a tough time selling their merchandise considering the deficiency of industrial flying and even fading military sales. If you look at commercial trip within the United States, the bulk of flights are on smaller regional jets like the Bombardiers now. When I booked a flight from Memphis to Washington D.C., I was only able to fly on smaller regional jets versus just a couple years ago when the same flight could have been booked on a Boeing 727 or Airbus.

Boeing did try to brighten up the mood concerning its sales though:

?At this time it appears to us that the economic situation have bottomed. If they have bottomed and a upturn occurs next year, I think we have a attempt at getting through,? said Scott Carson, president and CEO of Boeing?s marketable division.

Hopefully things will recover for the Chicago located company, or possibly it is time for them to start producing the smaller airplanes that appear to be selling better.

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