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Bodybuilding Tips, How To Build Muscle Mass at Home

Bodybuilding Tips, How To Build Muscle Mass at Home


Bodybuilding Tips, How To Build Muscle Mass at Home

by Ricardo d Argence

Who says you need to work out at a gym to become a bodybuilder? You can work out and build muscle in your own home gym if you want to! Of course, you'll find there are both advantages and disadvantages to whichever way you go-whether you choose to work out at home or at a gym-but you need to choose what works best for you.

Typically you will find a lot more variety and equipment in a fitness center or gym, and usually there will be professionals on staff, so that might also make it safer. But the downside of working out at a gym is that other people can really be annoying! They may be chatting all the time when you want to work out or using the equipment you want to use at the time you want to use it.

If you work out at home, there are a few really great benefits. You don't have to pay to join your own home gym, there's no hassle with travel or parking, you can work out sans shirt if you want to, you don't have to wait in line for equipment, and you can work out to whatever music or background noise you choose. You can also shout out whatever you want to motivate and inspire yourself without getting any funny looks from other gym users.

The biggest drawback to a home gym is that you have to buy all the equipment, and that can be pricey. (Although you may be able to resell it in the future if necessary.) The other downside is that other people who live with you may not appreciate all the space it requires.

If you can overcome the cons, having a home gym makes it easy to work out whenever you want. Consider the following five tips if you decide to create a home gym of your own and work out there.

1) Find a suitably large space, such as a garage, basement or spare room. You should always have a solid ground floor which means that a ground floor is a much safer option. A bonus would be a well ventilated area. Fully water proof your garage, this will stop them your weights from rusting and becoming damaged.

2) Empty the room out except for your equipment. You don't want to have anything in your home gym that could be damaged by swinging or dropped equipment-like a fish tank, plasma tv, or laptop. It might be amusing to see these things get damaged by someone else's barbells, but it's not all that funny when it's yours.

3) Start out with basic home gym equipment. You should purchase a weight bench, a workout mat, a squat stand, a pull up bar, and a complete set of cast iron dumbbells or barbells. There is a lot of different kinds of equipment out there, so be sure you purchase something that is strong, durable, and long lasting.

4) Create a workout for yourself. Using the equipment you've purchased, design a workout to build your muscles. Do compound exercises that combine squats, pull ups, bench presses, and dead lifts with sets of upright rows, lunges, barbell curls, shoulder presses, bent over rows, and lateral raises, among other exercises.

5) Keep it safe. Always lift with a spotter-even in your own gym-or take extra safety precautions. For instance, don't push for extra reps when you're getting tired. And install pins on lifts so that you can set barbells down above chest level and extricate yourself from the machine without crushing yourself.

If you set up a good, safe home gym, you can enjoy the convenience of working out right at home and building muscle without leaving your house.

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