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Body Cleansing: A Cleansing Process For The Body

Body Cleansing: A Cleansing Process For The Body


Body Cleansing: A Cleansing Process For The Body

by Ben Pate

Obesity is a widespread problem in the country. Many obese people try different methods in order to lose weight. Recently, body cleanses are popular. In practice, a total body cleanse is a much better route. The purchased type that you can find at a pharmacy is usually nothing more than a printed diet and a laxative. You are instructed to follow the diet and take the laxative. Instead, why not use a natural means with no harsh laxatives to clean the toxins and fecal matter from your colon.

When you decide to go the total body cleanse route, you eliminate everything artificial that you would normally have in your diet. A minor dietary change will often provide major changes in your weight. You only need to know a few minor principles to do body cleansing using natural means. Natural methods are less harmful to the body. You can maintain the new eating habits for as long as needed to get to your ideal weight. Avoid laxatives, as they can be harmful if taken for extended periods.

To start body cleansing, you should step up your intake of water. The water can't contain any other ingredients. Cola, juice, vitamin water or flavored water might taste good, but it should not be used during the initial period. The daily water quota is at least six bottles of water each day. Eight bottles is even better. Drink pure water with no artificial ingredients in either food or water during the cleanse.

The natural cleanse breakfast is fresh raw fruit. Nothing else should be eaten. Fruit contains critical nutritional elements plus water. It also contains fiber so that toxins are pushed on through the digestive tract. Fruit must be fresh and raw and without any sweeteners or preservatives included. Neither natural nor artificial sweeteners should be used. If you select dense fruit rather than soft fruits the effectiveness of the cleansing will be stronger.

The other meals throughout the day and the snacks that you prepare while doing body cleanses are to consist of fresh fruits and raw vegetables. No artificial preservatives are allowed during the cleansing. When you are trying to rid your body of all the internal toxins, it makes no sense to take in more toxins, preservatives and artificial ingredients in foods that you eat.

During the natural cleanse of your body, you not only avoid taking in toxins and preservatives, you avoid eating salt, dressings or oils to top off vegetables or fruits. Anything other than the intake of lots of fresh raw vegetables and fresh fruit is a no-no since it will stop the natural cleansing process to shudder to a stop.

The natural cleansing process is usually responsible for a rapid weight loss during the term. This is water weight that is lost. The drinking of extra water keeps you from being dehydrated and the water and fiber from the fruits and vegetables helps to flush toxins and fat cells from the entire body. Weight loss is likely to be substantial and sudden.

About the Author:
After a week on the natural body cleanse, you can begin re-introducing low fat proteins and high fiber carbohydrates into the diet. You should not add foods too rapidly, since that will be defeating the purpose of the cleansing.

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