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Best Wart Removal Techniques

Best Wart Removal Techniques


Best Wart Removal Techniques

by Lianne Blasen

If you have warts, you probably have thought, if not made already, some ways on how to get rid of them by yourself. Well, there are ways to get rid of those annoying and gross little lumps of your skin. But it's definitely not as easy as grabbing a meat cleaver and then cut those warts off. It takes some patience and some cooking ingredients you can find easily in your kitchen.

I was afflicted with a few warts on my hand when I was at the age of five or six. I didn't want my parents to take me to the doctor, so what I did is that I use my own teeth to rip off those annoying warts. The result? Well, after a few days the warts grew again and even more gross lumps grew. So, I definitely not recommend that DIY wart removal. Keep in mind that when dealing with a wart, you are with a virus.

Although a wart appears to be a small lump of skin, its actually caused by a virus you acquired somewhere down the road. The cool news is that you can remove that ugly wart with a number of simple procedures.

One of the more common ones is apple cider vinegar. Saturate a bandage of some sort with apple cider vinegar and secure it over the wart while you sleep. I bet you'll notice soon enough that the wart is history. One great aspect of this wart removal remedy is that its dealt with during the night hours. This way you're not burdened with a bandage strapped across your hand or elbow during the daytime.

Another method is using a duct tape. Sounds funny? Yes, it is. But this wart removal cure has been tested and proven by many. In fact, I had a first hand experience using this method. I've tried this on my daughter. I had to place a duct tape to the area infected, and then we let the duck tape do its magic. Yes, it's like magic, as you watch the wart gradually disappears. It is because there's an active ingredient in the duct tape that makes that happen.

In the end, if you have no time to wait around for home-style wart removal remedies and cures, there's always the doctor. He/she can remove your wart by freezing or shocking it. The procedure is up to you. Just be aware that these more professional methods of wart removal will leave you with a blister for a little while after the treatment. The costly way is not always the best way.

About the Author:
There are various ways to remove warts ranging from home remedies to having your doctor remove it. The ways mentioned here are the best wart removal you ever can get.

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