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Best Resveratrol Supplement

Best Resveratrol Supplement


Best Resveratrol Supplement

by Jilu Kil

Resveratrol is said to be free from any side effects but even this product is very similar to all other natural resources. Thus it is said that one must consult a doctor before going for Resveratrol, as an overdose can cause you some problem in the form of dizziness, stomach crams, blood pressure and even a rushed feeling at times.

Stomach crams are the most common side effects of this product. An excess of resveratrol can always trigger a very fast action of the digestive glands, this hyper activity of the enzymes can cause pains in the lower abdomen and often lead to indigestion.

There have been instances wherein people have complained of a rushed feeling after having taken a sizable dosage of resveratrol. When asked to describe the feeling, people stated that they felt a sudden rush of energy, something similar to the rush felt after a sip of coffee.

At times people may even feel dizziness after the over dose of Resveratrol. However, the degree of dizziness differs from the person as it depends a lot on the body weight.

Insomnia is another common problem faced by the people after they start taking this drug. Any quantity more than 35 mg per day can lead you to feel insomnia and such other mental effects.

The increase in the blood pressure is also something that people have experienced when they have taken an overdose of the resveratrol for a prolonged period of ten days. Though this effect is temporary still it is always better to follow the instruction guide for the dosage of the resveratrol.

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