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Best New Technology And Best MLM Company 2009

Best New Technology And Best MLM Company 2009


Best New Technology And Best MLM Company 2009

by Brian J Williams

New technology sometimes makes quantum leaps a head and for smart individuals wealth is created. This just may be one of those occasions with communications technology and Buzzirk Mobile. I have seen this quantum leap in technology a few times in my day but have never had the opportunity to capitalize on it until now!

Buzzirk Mobile and Zero1 Mobile signed an agreement this year to provide unlimited data and more through a global mobile wireless services. Those services include unlimited voice calls, unlimited downloads, unlimited internet,and many more unlimited features all on basically one flat fee of $79.95/mth, no contracts, no credit checks. If that isn't enough to get you excited just add $10.00/mth for the international calls to over 40 countries, unlimited for Buzzirk Mobile subscribers.

Buzzik Mobile is a worldwide mobile communications company in Missouri, USA. The marketing arm of Buzzirk is Global Verge. Zer01 Communications is owned and operated by Unified Technologies Group Inc., based in Las Vegas, NV. Ben Piilani is the CEO of Zero 1.

The marketing of Buzzirk Mobile is a special division managed by Global Verge through its Direct Marketing Program. Buzzirk Official Launch was on July 1, 2009, Buzzirk Mobile is available to USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and will reach out to most popular calling countries around the world. With the mobile network agreements with the international carriers and also owning their very own Backbone System, Buzzirk Mobile and Zer01 is the first mobile service to offer a true unlimited voice, data and Internet plan.

The company has developed several patent pending proprietary Mobile Technologies that allows each smart phone user to make voice calls or transmit data by sending voice communications through a high speed VoIP system.

The new technology is already winning awards. Laptop Magazine awarded Zer01 Mobile the Best Overall Product Award at the CTIA Wireless 2009 Conference.

The marketing program is delivered through an e-associate Marketing System operated by Global Verge. So why through Global Verge?

1. First, it costs a huge amount of money to set up just one retail outlet chain in one state.

2. The company wants to make certain they can offer the best value to you there customer and out perform the competition.

3. Make very sure too that the distributors(e-associates) in the system also get a decent compensation.

You get to save on the costs of phone and internet use (including internet downloads, long distance and international calls) and you can get paid for being a distributor. You can even buy the phone from yourself, wink, wink. Cheers!

About the Author:
Buzzirk Mobile is altering the World of communication. Buzzirk Mobile and Zer01 Mobile is offering for the first time a truly unlimited mobile service in the U.S.($79/mon.) and 40 other countries($89/mon) unlimited. See here how to make money on line with the best MLM company 2009 http://www.NewTech30.com For anyone wanting to market there business online we recommend http://www.OnlineMarketing30.com

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