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Benefits of Green Web Hosting Exposed

Benefits of Green Web Hosting Exposed


Benefits of Green Web Hosting Exposed

by Lance Leipheimer Roy Hayles Jay Newman

We all know how web host companies use huge servers which are managed in their datacenters. Green web hosting is the process when web hosts use renewable/alternative energy, recycle waste, plant trees, purchase Renewable Energy Certificates and employ other such measures to power their datacenters with which their customers can feel good about their role in saving the planet.

Until a few years back, green web hosting was not much a popular idea as it is today. It came into the notice of the global community only very recently. In the initial years of the movement, there were only very few subscribers to it. Today, we can see that the whole web hosting industry has adopted the go-green policy and has managed to reach the level of the path-breakers.

Green web hosting is a new craze and some big web hosting companies are going to switch to it. It is a good idea that internet industry is gradually moving to become greener than any other industry. There are some companies still, reluctant to join the movement.

Green Web Hosting is a company which claims that they have now turned cent percentage eco-friendly. The firm insists its employees to telecommute in order to reduce the negative effect of emission arising from transportation. Like this, some other companies decided to stop using paper to express their concern towards trees and reduce deforestation.

Besides the above measures, a few companies have decided to plant a tree with each new deal they sign in. There are companies which give financial concession to those who are working to protect the planet in association with their green websites.

There have been, however, a few questions raised by people about the overall performance and reliability of a green web hosting platform. The fact is that it's now been scientifically proved that renewable energy is just as reliable and effective, if not more, as conventional electricity. This point further gets a practical validity with the fact that most green hosts are running their businesses with absolute ease as their not-so-green peers.

Green web hosting is not approved by all, especially the customers of the companies which adopt this policy. One reason they loathe is because the services are expensive. Companies will bear the expenses in the initial stages. After that the customers will have to take the share of the mission green. Green living demands a lot of money and it is not so easy in this world where people go for short cuts even at the cost of the environment. It is very easy to appreciate a novel idea; but it will take a good deal of effort to embrace it.

However, this does not deter firms from becoming eco-friendly. By doing so, they are claiming their role in the noble vision of saving the earth. Ultimately, these companies will find a way out to save money by becoming eco-friendly and will survive.

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