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Battery Charging Techniques For Gel Cell Batteries

Battery Charging Techniques For Gel Cell Batteries


Battery Charging Techniques For Gel Cell Batteries

by Nell Harrison

Battery with gel is one of the greatest invention of the 20th century. These find application in motor cycles, wheel chairs and radio communication. They can hold up any amount of heat or cold. And this is the biggest advantage of using this. These batteries are also known as dry cells just because there is no spillage of batteries. These are also commonly known to be free of maintanence batteries and also non - spillage batteries. There is electrolyte embedded between the battery plates made of lead. And due to this fact they are also known as deep cycle batteries. But how to charge gel cell batteries?

The recharging of these batteries may be done in more than one way. The most advantageous way is the charging with constant voltage. One way is done fast and hence called fast charging. The other way is known as float charge. These two processes are explained in the following paragraphs.

The first type of charging is the fast charging which is called as the cyclic charging. First the batteries are inserted in the charger. It is essential to refer the manual of the batteries and charger. Then the battery is turned on and the batteries are charged until the temperature rises to twenty degree Celsius. And the voltage at its terminal is maintained at about 2.40 volts.

This type of charging is also called cyclic. The battery is left for charging till the current for charging reduces to 0.01C amps. The C represents the amp-hour rate of the battery. The battery's charging is then stopped. The charge is stopped using the cyclic mode or can be changed to float type charging mode.

The steps involved in fast charging or cyclic charging method are as follows; the instruction manual is read carefully before starting the work. The used battery which is to be recharged is inserted into the suitable gel cell battery charger. The charger is switched on and the battery is charged till the indicator in the voltmeter indicates 2.45v per cell provided the temperature is twenty degrees in Celsius scale or fifty eight degrees in Fahrenheit scale.

The current level generated from this type of charging is of its own level. When the charger shows an indication of completion the charger is removed from the power supply. And then it is removed.

In standby service method the battery is inserted into the appropriate charger following the instructions in the instruction manual and then charged in exactly same way as in fast charging method with same voltage and temperature reading. At this voltage the own current level should be regulated by the battery itself. When the charging is complete the battery charger is stopped and the battery is removed from the charger. Now, the battery is ready for further use.

It is also advisable to not use the charger in the automobile since there is no proper voltage regulation. The charging should be away from flames and also overheating may happen if it is continuously charged in the cyclic mode. Therefore it is important to follow these directions on how to charge gel cell batteries and also take a note of the warnings that are mentioned in the above.

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