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Batik Scarf - Unconventional Fashion Accessories

Batik Scarf - Unconventional Fashion Accessories


Batik Scarf - Unconventional Fashion Accessories

by Melissa Wong

While never widespread in its use, the batik scarf has been seen a lot more often these days. The scarf and its counterpart in this case which is batik have a long and illustrious history that is quite interesting when combined. Flexibility is one of the great points when dealing with scarves as they can be used with a wide variety of attire.

Batik printing has its roots in a type of dyeing called the wax resist method. Ancient Egypt is the earliest known culture where batik prints were found as mummy wrappings. While it may have started in the Middle East, the primary authorities on these products have moved east to South East Asia and India. Other countries that are known for their batiks to a lesser extent are Africa, Egypt and China.

As such, the finest batik products are currently made in India, Malaysia and especially Indonesia. Indonesia is the home of the most diverse prints and workmanship today. And perhaps this has to do with the long love affair the country has had with batik. The two regions of Indonesia that are famous for their batiks are Java and Bali.

Within the South East Asian region, such prints are usually worm by people of standing in Malaysia and Indonesia. In Malaysia specifically, politicians are even expected to wear them to functions.

Access to batik goods have never been better for the global market. This is primarily because more and more people are become aware of many things they are not usually used to seeing through the internet. Such goods along with fashion ideas travel through this medium increasingly nowadays which may be why the batik scarf has slowly been making inroads. The attention that an accessory like the batik scarf is directly linked to the way information is shared nowadays through computers.

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