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Bath Safety - Walk In Tubs Simplify Your Life

Bath Safety - Walk In Tubs Simplify Your Life


Bath Safety - Walk In Tubs Simplify Your Life

by Stephen Daniels

Those who have physical impediments may find bathing to be a frustrating and complicated process, especially when using traditional bath or shower designs. Unlike walk in bathtubs, which are created for bath safety and comfort, standard showers usually don't have anti-slip features and grab bars, and they lack the comfortable seating that can be of great assistance to people with limited mobility.

An easy to install and comfortable alternative to traditional showers, walk in tubs have many features and amenities designed to make life easier. More and more handicap accessible units are being manufactured that include handy grab bars, height-adjustable shower heads and easy to use faucets. These tubs can contribute greatly to your comfort and safety.

Showers that are handicap friendly generally have a very low threshold or are completely level with the floor, providing maximum accessibility. However, walk in tubs let you opt for either a shower or a nice soak in the tub without the worry of how you will get in and out of the bath. Soaking in warm water isn't a mere luxury - it can go a long way towards soothing aches and pains. Walk in baths often come with a shower head that can be either hand-held or wall mounted and can be set at the right height for your needs.

An astonishing variety of walk in bathtubs are available on the market today. What they all hold in common is some kind of inward or outward opening door in the side of the tub. This allows for a low threshold that is far safer and easier to step into than in traditional baths. Outward opening doors are considered to be safer in some cases, as the door can be opened even when the tub is full in case of an emergency. However, inward-opening doors are advantageous because they are "self sealing" due to the pressure of the water on them when the bath is full, and they also require less room.

Excellent for either showering or bathing, "sit-in" tubs are generally the most popular models. They feature a chair-height seat that is easy to get in and out of. Other units feature powered seats that can lower and lift you safely and easily in and out of a traditional height bath. This allows you to enjoy full-length bathing without the worry of slipping and falling. While practically every model boasts anti-slip surfaces and convenient grab bars for added safety, many newer tubs also have hydrotherapy jet options. These jetted tubs have added therapeutic properties that can aid further in soothing aching joints and sore muscles.

Many different sizes and types of handicap accessible tubs are available to accommodate your needs and lifestyle. Short models are designed for various hard to fit places, including many that are specifically made to fit into the same space as a traditional shower stall. Long tubs are similar in size to traditional baths, allowing for more room to relax and enjoy a soak.

Since being inside the tub is a necessity both while it fills and empties, walk in tubs have special features. The most important of these is a thermostatic mixer, a regulator that makes sure all water comes out at the right temperature for your safety and comfort. More advanced units may have a quick filling option. It is also important that the tub drain quickly. Seniors could catch a chill from sitting for several minutes in cool water while waiting for the water to drain. To solve this problem, many tubs offer dual drain systems or even pumps that can drain the unit in under a minute.

No matter if you would like to soak in the tub every day, or you primarily intend to take showers but would like the option for an occasional bath, walk in bathtubs make your life easy by providing maximum comfort and safety.

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