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Baseball's Nonsensical Suspension Policy

Baseball's Nonsensical Suspension Policy


Baseball's Nonsensical Suspension Policy

by Vic Lamartinas

Following Tuesday night's bench clearing brawl between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees, Major League Baseball gave suspensions to the two major culprits - Jorge Posada and Jesse Carlson. For their role in Tuesday night's brawl, Posada and Carlson each got 4-game suspensions. Their suspensions happened to be scaled back to three games since neither Posada nor Carlson fought the penalty.

If someone can explain to me how the MLB came up with 4 games for both of them, I would truly appreciate it.

When it comes to how many games a competitor gets for his actions, it is anyone's guess. It seems to me there are no firm rules for suspensions. That's a large issue in my eyes.

Let's have a gander at two non-steroid linked suspensions that have been handed out thus far in 2009:

Does everyone else see what's wrong here? There is no rhyme or explanation for any of the suspensions.

How did Youkilis and Porcello receive five games for inciting a dugout-clearing fracas, however Posada and Carlson only received 3 games? What did Youkilis and Porcello do differently that their brawl resulted in 2 additional games?

In my mind, a dugout-clearing brawl is a dugout-clearing clash. They are like coincidences; there are no degrees.

How does Beckett get a 6-game penalty for throwing at someone's head, however Zambrano becomes the same game penalty for roughing up a water cooler? I didn't know potentially ending someone's career could be just as destructive as beating up an inanimate object.

This isn't a Red Sox-Yankee problem - this is a reasonable problem. I feel as if I'm off the rocker even writing something like this. If you do A, you receive B. It's as easy as that.

Major League Baseball - and I mean you Bob Watson - has to draw up a benchmark penalty for each violation.

At present, it just doesn't make a single bit of sense.

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