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Bakugan Battle Arena - Great Toy

Bakugan Battle Arena - Great Toy


Bakugan Battle Arena - great toy

by Rose Taylor

Marbles, brawling action figures, and cards combine happily with Japanese anime to form the Bakugan line of toy products for kids. Holiday lists are topped by requests for not only Bakugan Warriors but also for the Bakugan Battle Arena.

These are toys that are on the mind of every child this holiday season and are sure to please all kids aged 5-12. In fact, here you have a gift certain to please even the adults. While simple in theory, the play is fast and furious and, as with all Japanese based games, there is an innocent fun that is missing in so many other products on the market. The rules are easy and even the youngest children will have them mastered in just a short while.

For the uninitiated, this Arena is the latest accessory in the Bakugan Battle Brawlers line of toys. These are based on the extremely popular Japanese animated series "Bakugan Battle Brawlers." Japanese anime for children has long been popular, and this series was already a hit show in Japan and Canada before it made its American debut.

The game is very easy to learn, so even the younger children in the family can play with older kids. Some of the playing pieces are too small for young children, about the size of a large marble. The playing of the game uses cards and figures.

The Bakugan Battle Arena is an important part of the staging for this adventure and role playing game. The players of this game are going to decide the fate of the galaxy, and they do this by pitting a variety of warriors, known as Bakugan, against each other for points. Players assume the roles of characters in the series, and many will choose to play Dan, the heroic 12 year old. Points are scored by rolling or launching their marble-shaped Bakugan onto magnetic cards.

It is not necessary to have the arena, but it definitely adds to the fun. The Battle Arena itself is easy to use and set up. The arena is made of black plastic that just unfolds to lay flat. Next, the red walls are slipped easily into the slots on each side. The sides are designed to prevent the Bakugan from rolling off the playing area. The arena is designed for two to four players to battle it out.

The Bakugan games seem to be all the rage among today's kids. Parents wonder what all the fuss is about until they break down and get one for the family. It is easy to start with just the basics and add accessories later on. One of the more popular accessories is the Bakugan launcher. The Bakugan Battle Arena Mega pack is a game that is highly recommended, and one that the whole family can enjoy together.

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