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Baby Gender Test - Be First To Know The Sex Of Your New Baby

Baby Gender Test - Be First To Know The Sex Of Your New Baby


Baby Gender Test - Be First To Know The Sex Of Your New Baby

by Olivia Campbell-Price

As an expectant parent, you may be contemplating a baby gender test. Current technology is still limited to amniocentesis and CVS testing as being the most accurate testing protocol that is capable of providing gender confirmation. But these two tests are not without risk to the fetus and are used in connection with detecting any genetic disorders based on family history or the age of the mother-to-be. They are generally never offered as a means of gender testing for its own sake.

What can parents do if they are really anxious to learn their baby's gender before birth? Several options exist, ranging from old wives' tales that are of questionable reliability to at home baby gender test kits that show some promise. Keep in mind that these are great for having a bit of fun, but you probably can't and shouldn't bank on the results.

While the sonogram offers the greatest chance of accurately determining baby gender after the amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling tests, ultrasound examination for gender generally is best undertaken at the mid-second trimester or 20-week mark. Conditions before that time or into the third trimester make gender determination harder since the fetus may be either too small or too big depending on the time of the scanning.

If you're one of those expectant parents who are really curious and can't wait to find out, you'll be happy to know that there are early gender detection kits available. These kits contain a baby gender test that you can perform in the privacy of your home. Similar to early pregnancy tests, these kits claim to detect the presence of identifying substances as early as the second month of pregnancy.

If you are game for trying out one of these baby gender test kits, there are two popular ones available on the market. Both the Intelligender and Pink or Blue early gender test kits claim to be able to detect your baby's gender as early as 1 day after a missed period. Even so, you may want to hold off painting the baby's room

The baby gender test kit made by Intelligender has been around for a few years. This kit tests your urine for the presence of certain substances and will change colors that you can then compare against a color-coded guide. Results can be seen within ten minutes. You can perform this test at around six weeks after you miss a period or in the second month of pregnancy. While it can be fun to find out early, keep in mind that your results may or may not be confirmed by a sonogram.

Pink or Blue is an early pregnancy testing kit that is packaged along with a gender testing kit. The baby gender test is optional and requires a separate payment to the lab where you must send your sample to.for testing. This test kit claims to test DNA,, which theoretically should be more accurate than urine testing. While the pregnancy test is not expensive, the additional cost of the gender testing is around $200,

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