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Awesome Abs Exercises

Awesome Abs Exercises


Awesome Abs Exercises

by James Statham

Fed up with typical abs exercises? In this article, I'm going to reveal to you exactly why the typical exercises are very ineffective about getting a six pack, and what types of exercises you should be doing. Also, I will tell you about the kinds of foods you need to avoid, and what you need to include. By the end of this article, you'll be on your way to knowing how to get a six pack!

Traditional abs exercises have gotten great praises from the so called experts. Crunches, sit ups and leg lifts are the most raved about. The experts like to tell you that if you specifically train an area of your body, in this case your abs, you will get very lean and muscly in that area. This is wrong! If you want to get ripped abs, then there is two certain things you need to be doing. That is to raise your metabolism and to lower your body fat levels. Traditional exercises like these do nothing to help those things, and therefore are useless! So what exercises are the best to get rock solid abs?

You should, instead, be incorporating high intense, compound exercises into your workout routine. When I say compound exercises, this means using only free weights, and involves several muscle groups. Again, the experts like to tell you to use machines, but free weights are a thousand times more effective. This is because when you use free weights, you're supporting all of the weight, rather than the machine helping you. This means you're exercising a wide variety of muscles, and not just the prime mover! Great abs exercises, that contain what I have mentioned, will really help to raise your metabolism, due to the high intensity of the exercise.

Specifically what abs exercises should I do then? Well, one of my favourites is called the front squat. Similar to a regular squat, however instead of resting the barbell behind your neck, you rest it infront of your neck. Hold the barbell with crossed hands, and lower yourself down slowly, then back up. This is a great compound exercise, and will really blast your abs, as well as your legs!

So now you know the basics of some good abs exercises, you need to know that you can't get a six pack unless you improve your diet. What you eat is probably the most vital factor in getting ripped. So, if you're serious about reaching your goals, you need to eliminate the rubbish foods from your diet. Replace the rubbish foods with high protein meals. Protein is essential in building muscle, and will make your muscles bigger and stronger!

Now dedication is key here. As long as you can stay on track, and not slack off with your routine, then you will get a six pack. Anyone can get a six pack if armed with the right knowledge, and now you've read this article, you have got some of that knowledge!

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