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Avoid Low Calorie Diets- Why They Fail

Avoid Low Calorie Diets- Why They Fail


Avoid Low Calorie Diets- Why They Fail

by Robin Newsome

Why aren't low calorie diets successful? You are motivated to lose weight and you have decided to cut back on calories. You lose a few pounds but then you gain it back. Maybe you gain back more than you lost. This unfortunately is the tape that can play over and over again.

You set a maximum number of calories per day and you're watching them closely. It may be 1000 or 1250 calories. The result is your body decides you are starving and to survive it slows the metabolism down. That's the last thing you want.

You'll start losing muscle instead of the fat you so much want to lose. Your body is looking out for its best interests and preserving fat is what it does. Low calorie diets cant be successful for this reason.

Obviously your main reason for all of this is how you look. The low calorie thing will only leave you looking droopy and the really sad part is you still have the fat. So you end up giving up because you're hungry and not looking anything like you'd hoped.

The key is to burn fat and that is all about diet and exercise. A healthy diet! By eating the right foods you will keep your metabolism working for you. By eating high fiber foods you will feel full instead of hungry and continue burning fat. Instead of losing a few pounds with low calorie diets, you'll be firming up and losing fat.

You may have finally come to the realization that diets just aren't effective in the long run. If you eat healthy and do some form of exercise every day, you're body will become firmer and more defined. It doesn't take long to see the results as opposed to what you see with low calorie diets.

You don't need to do hard workouts either. If you will just take a little time each day to take a brisk walk and concentrate on becoming more active, you will send your body the message to really start burning the fat. Did you know that by eating correctly and exercising every day you will be burning fat even while you sleep?

Avoid any negative thoughts as you go through this process. You only want to concentrate on how great you're going to look and feel and notice the subtle changes as they happen. Your subconscious will believe whatever you tell it and you only want to communicate how wonderful you're feeling and looking.

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