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Australia - The Best Investment Destination

Australia - The Best Investment Destination


Australia - The Best Investment Destination

by Alana Redmana

Whether it is for studies, work or to live on a more permanent basis, Australia, since the late 1990's, has seen a significant increase in visitors to the country and wise investors are taking advantage of the realistic property prices.

The minimal, yet diverse population, stunning rainforests and gorgeous beaches make Australia an attractive investment destination for both over sea buyers and nationals alike.

Australia is also known as having one of the strongest economies in the world and even through the current economic crisis, the property market has remained stable. Owing to the wave of migration from countries such as New Zealand and Canada, Australia is, indeed, a good investment arena.

Investing for over sea buyers has also been made fairly straight forward although permission must first be obtained by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) This is a relatively simple process but can take up to 8 weeks to process.

There is still a good investment to be made in key cities such as Canberra, Sydney and Perth, however, property prices in these areas are prime. Moving out, suburb by suburb will see house prices decrease and many experienced investors are snapping up run down properties for renovation projects which can see a nice return on investments.

If you have a sizeable deposit, then it is worth investing in cities such as Canberra and the Gold Coast, as properties in these areas are always in demand due to them being close to amenities like business and commercial districts. Real estate close to public commute gateways are also popular.

Properties in more rural areas have also seen a recent increase in investors. This is mainly due to the Australian Government upgrading the whole transportation system throughout Australia making more rural areas more accessible to major cities and towns. Real estate in rural areas also come with a much lower price tag.

As visitors to the country increase every year, properties associated with the tourism trade are also popular. Investing in the right property, close to either coastal areas or major towns, can see a handsome return on your investment and also reward you with a healthy rental income.

With new Government grants for first time buyers, low interest rates and realistic, affordable property prices, beautiful beaches, warm climate and fantastic scenery, Australia has got to be your next investment destination.

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