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Asbestos Settlement Information.

Asbestos Settlement Information.


Asbestos Settlement Information.

by Thomas Goldman

An asbestos settlement can sometimes be a large amount of money. Some claims receive more than tens of millions of dollars. Asbestos exposure causes a particular variety of cancer known as mesothelioma and sometimes other medical problems. It has been known since 1960 that there is a link between exposure to this chemical and this type of cancer, and legal proceedings take the perspective that any employer should know about the risks and protect their employees.

The earliest asbestos settlement was made in 1929, and the number of such legal actions has increased since the link was proved in 1960. There are many results of the disease that can be claimed for as well as the disease itself. These can include things such as as travel to medical and healthcare facilities, loss of earnings, items purchased due to the disease, loss to other family members and compensation from care provided whether paid-for or not.

Mesothelioma is most commonly caused by direct exposure to this chemical during work. Types of employment bringing workers into contact with this dangerous chemical include boilermakers, shipbuilders and laggers due to the fact that asbestos was used as lagging to insulate boilers. Electricians, carpenters, builders and joiners, who need to drill or cut asbestos insulation as they perform their jobs, motor mechanics exposed to asbestos used in brake pads and clutches, plumbers and pipe fitters who work with types of asbestos pipe insulation, and teachers, fire fighters, police officers, managers and other professions can all come into direct contact with the chemical. Indirect contact can also cause the same medical problems. This might result from doing the laundry of those who work with the chemical or might even be caused by children playing on playing areas which include asbestos mining waste materials.

It is often possible to get a legal professional to handle such case on a "no win no fee" basis so that any legal fees are taken as a percentage of the claim awarded. Most of the time an asbestos settlement is obtained before the case goes to a final court hearing, which means that most of the time the person suffering from the disease does not actually have to appear in court in person. Receiving state benefits doesn't usually prevent a claim from being made although can affect the result to some degree.

An asbestos settlement can really help with getting the best treatment for some patients, which can cost around a million dollars sometimes.

About the Author:
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