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Articles For Website Promotion

Articles For Website Promotion


Articles For Website Promotion

by Simon Cave

If everyone's pointing at you, your sure to stand out in any crowd.

Website Promotion is all about getting as many websites as possible to point at yours, successful promotion will bring both additional visitors & page ranking to your websites.

Article Marketing is only one of a multitude of ways to develop back links to your site however it should never be overlooked.

Why are some back links more important than others?

Article Content

Simply put a back link from a website of similar content, is far more valuable than a back link from a website with a different content.

For Example - A Back link from a Dentists website to a furniture web store won't provide much benefit.

The Context of how the Link is shown

The context of how the back links are displayed is also a very important factor, body keyword anchor text, is far better than linked banners, raw URL's, or domain name anchor text.

Article marketing gives both content & context back links.

What can Website Promotion using Articles do for you?

Unlike standard Web Directories, Article directories provide a full SEO optimized page for your article & back link. The page title will match your Article & the Meta keywords will match your articles keywords, even better if the directory itself has a high page rank, this will give your article instant credibility & search engine listings.

With the republication feature offered by most Directories it is quite possible to find that other webmasters have republished your articles & spread your back links to other sites with similar content, further boosting your links value.

A well written keyword targeted article can quickly attain high search result positioning on its own, occasionally multiple times if submitted to several directories.

This is great for traffic however the search engines duplicate content filter will slowly remove these additional articles & back links from their databases.

This will also happen to articles submitted with article submission software, you can spend hours signing up to all the article directories & submitting your articles. Only to find they give just a temporary boost in traffic & have little or no long term back link value.

Similar but Unique Articles keep your articles listed & your back links intact.

Minimal work is required to make your articles truly unique, submitting unique versions of the same article stops the search engines from ruining all your hard work.

Unique articles like this one are easily created & submitted using online services, be warned spinning software makes your articles & subsequently you, look foolish. Article spinners simply change syllables & rearrange words making the end result illegible.

About the Author:
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