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Article Marketing - How to Know Which Article Submission Service to Use

Article Marketing - How to Know Which Article Submission Service to Use


Article Marketing - How to Know Which Article Submission Service to Use

by Donna Bessken

Are you a struggling writer online? You write and write and your articles just sit there? How do you know what to do next? How do you decide where to send them? Here are some great tips to help you find the best article submission service to use for your work.Here is my list of well recognized article submission services. No junk sites are included. This list covers in random order these services: ISnare, My Article Network, Submit Your Article, Spin Distribute, Unique Article Wizard, Send Articles.com, Fast Submit Articles.com, SEO Content Writers,1waylinks.com, ArticleSubmissionServices.com and My Way Links. A brief description of the services and costs is included for each one.

ARTICLE SUBMISSION SERVICES.com has a sales page with typos and grammar mistakes. No thanks. I don't plan to have them submit articles for me either. Their cost is not a deal. I can get better results for less. Cost - $20 to write one article and submit to 100 directories is not efficient. At FAST SUBMIT ARTICLES they write and submit one article to 352 directories for you for $30.00! That is not bad but it is expensive unless you wrote the article yourself and have them distribute it for $6.00. EzineArticles and several other highly regarded directories are included. No free submissions allowed.

If you want a team of dedicated witers working on your project, take a look at SEO CONTENT WRITERS. Their site is professional in appearance,though expensive. That and their site statistics suggest they are delivering good service. No free submissions are available. In the more affordable range is ISNARE. ISnare sends one copy of your 500 word article to hundreds of webmasters. Cross-posting is prevented. The difference between paid Platinum membership level ($59.95/month) and the free service is substantial. There are many additional perks for paid members. ISnare will surely give free members some traffic and a fair amount of backlinks and more for paid members.

SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE is better than ISnare. It submits to EzineArticles and other high quality directories. It applies an advanced Article Leverage technology to enhance your listings. Cost. $37.00/month. The price tag of $89/month at SPIN DISTRIBUTE might slow you down a little. It is a network of sites service where you get links from other sites in the network AND from other sources, like directories. They offer excellent services for their fee. They will write, spin, submit, and syndicate 10 articles/month. They have no free packages but they do have smaller packages.

MY WAY LINKS is a closed-door membership site/service where you will only get links from quality sites. The network is small compared to what My Article Network and Unique Article Wizard have for network size. Cost is $7 first month then $47.00/month You will find that UNIQUE ARTICLE WIZARD has a lot more to offer with its blog, html sites, and article directories network. You WILL get hundreds or even thousands of backlinks per article here, plus a decent amount of referral traffic. Cost. $67.00/month and worth every penny.

Article Marketing Automation also known as MY ARTICLE NETWORK is a blog network that is roughly 10k-20k sites in size. This kind of distribution of original articles is great for backlinks and referral traffic. Cost at the time of this writing is $47.00/month. No free membership levels are available beyond a short trial. Remember a link from an article directory is only one type of backlink. You need many types for a good link building campaign. SEND ARTICLES.COM has a short sales page and sends articles only to about 100 directories. Cost for one article/month is $30 with no free level of participation.

1 WAY LINKS is another blog network service. Last I checked there were about 1500. It started out strong and actually helped a couple of my sites, but the network is no longer solid like it was and too many of the sites became link-farm style. That simply devalues the links. Not worth using right now. Too bad. At $47/month and a good support forum, I liked its operations. But not its longer term results.

Since I wrote this review, I have realized it is a lot less expensive and much more effective to apply your own leverage and your personal techniques to article marketing and submission. If you connect with networks that already exist and already are waiting for your articles it costs less than many of these other services. In my experience, what works best is to use either MY ARTICLE NETWORK ($47/month) if you are just starting a site, or UNIQUE ARTICLE WIZARD ($67/month) for solid power and reliability. Write your own articles or get some written where they have writers who specialize in preparing original content articles in UAW format. Use your time, money and talent wisely and fine tune your own system.

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