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Are You Making The Following Errors In Your Workout?

Are You Making The Following Errors In Your Workout?


Are You Making The Following Errors In Your Workout?

by Katherine Crawford M.S.

There is an infinite amount of mixed quality information out there. And a lot of the lower quality stuff has people doing some pretty questionable things in the gym.

Unfortunately, some of these misconceptions can sabotage your progress and in extreme cases, leave you with a devastating injury.

Thus, here are all-too-common errors you need to stay away from to prevent injury and to maximize results:

1. Not keeping your head level: Do this when squatting and you will significantly increase your risk for injury. Instead, always keep your eyes level and avoid looking really high up or looking at a downward angle. Keep in mind that once you injure your back, it will be very hard to get it to 100% again.

2. Making abdominal work king: Instead, do all your intense weight lifting first and then do your abdominal work. If you annihilate your abs first thing, your weight lifting will suffer. And if your weight lifting suffers, your results will suffer. Not to mention, having an exhausted core before weight lifting is very dangerous because of instability.

3. Making cardiovascular exercise king: Again, prioritize intense weight lifting first. If you don't, the biggest downside here is a reduction in results-accelerating hormones. You don't want to be left without any stored carbohydrates when you start weightlifting because you burned them all beforehand with cardio.

4. Overusing instability gadgets: You see this a lot in commercial gyms. The problem here is that if your main goal is to build strength and/or muscle mass, you shouldn't be using stability-challenging devices. Instead, stick to basic movements that allow you to produce the maximum amount of force possible.

5. Doing single sets: Some gym rats will swear by this technique for developing strength. The research, however, clearly shows that doing only one set for increasing strength is not optimal. Instead, you should strive for at least 3 sets for each exercise, anything less and you will compromise results.

If you've been making any of these mistakes in your workouts, now you know better. And remember that taking action here is the most important part of the equation. After all, without action information is quickly forgotten.

About the Author:
Author Katherine Crawford, a Harvard fitness physiologist and former arm fat sufferer, instructs women on how to tone arms as quickly as possible. Unearth how to get sexy and toned arms by visiting her blog about reducing bingo wings right now!

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